February 19, 2021

Complementing a brand’s story through packaging

Packaging serves two major functions – it is a protective covering and it allows a product to be differentiated from other brands on the shelf. In certain instances, packaging can play a further role in telling a story that complements a brand’s narrative. It can help consumers engage with a brand on a deeper level and give more insight into some important part of the company’s history.

The shape of the packaging and materials used can be significant when it comes to telling a brand’s story. In some cases, a specific design feature on a pack can give the consumer an insight into a tale or event that is important to the brand. In other instances, the packaging can be used to complete the story in an interactive way. 

Below are examples of these packaging methods and how they complement a brand’s message:

Ardbeg distillery tin

Ardbeg whisky tin


This pack mimics the shape of the old Ardbeg distillery. The rectangular tin has a curved roof that opens to reveal a special bottle of Ardbeg 10 Year Old within. The tin is finished with the bold design and lettering that was painted on the distillery’s walls. It also depicts the Ardbeg dog, Shortie, and a man rolling a barrel of whiskey along the exterior wall. The imagery and shape of this pack reinforce the rich history of the Isle of Islay distillery and helps transport the consumer back in time.

Double Eagle, Very Rare pack

Double Eagle whisky pack


This metallic silver box houses a bottle of Double Eagle Very Rare – a premium bourbon from Kentucky, USA. The silver feathers on the exterior of the pack were engraved on aluminium sheets to convey the sophistication of this brand, as well as to point to the Double Eagle name. Having the exterior of the pack mimic the wings of the eagle adds to the story and intrigue of this luxury brand.

Glenmorangie giraffe tin

Glenmorangie whisky tin


The giraffe holds a special place in the story of Glenmorangie. This distillery’s copper stills are said to be the tallest in Scotland and visitors to the site will notice the giraffe symbol in peculiar places such as the silhouette of a giraffe in a stained glass window at the still. To complement the story of this unofficial mascot for Glenmorangie, a special tin was created for its 10-year-old single malt. An embossed giraffe pattern was used on the sides while a die-cut giraffe pattern adorning the lid really reinforces the theme. The bottom of the tin depicts an image of a giraffe standing next to one of the tall copper stills.

Hello Neighbor interactive box

Hello Neighbor interactive box


Interactive packaging is always fascinating and can be used to effectively communicate additional information about a product. A great example can be seen with the Hello Neighbor box. The purpose of this online stealth computer game is to sneak around your creepy neighbor’s house to find what he’s hiding. The packaging was designed with a cutout which allows the product to be viewed through a clear plastic window, complete with blinds. When the product is removed, an image of the creep neighbor is revealed on the inner back of the pack. This element of spy-and-reveal directly points to the purpose of the game and reinforces the mystery.

Herradura horseshoe tin

Herradura tequila tin


This is an example of a pack shape being used to complement a brand’s story. Herradura is a longstanding tequila distillery in Mexico. The name ‘herradura’ means ‘horseshoe’ in Spanish and the company was named after the founder discovered a horseshoe on the property. The metal packaging shaped like a horseshoe mimics the brand’s logo. It was cleverly designed to facilitate horizontal and vertical stacking of packs and to ensure that the tequila stands out on the shelf.

Jack Daniel’s music box

Jack Daniel's music tin


This renowned Tennessee whiskey is synonymous with rock ‘n roll and the rich musical heritage of the southern states. To commemorate this aspect of the brand, a musical box was created to house a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7. This pack mimics an old speaker with jacks and buttons. Once the hinged lid is opened, the bottle and two functional speakers are revealed. The music system is powered by a battery and a vac-tray in the base of the pack holds an audio auxiliary cable that can be plugged into a phone.

Melodi jewellery box

Melodi jewellery tin


Sticking with the musical theme,  a range of melodic jewellery cases was created for Melodi. The packs are interactive and allow the consumer to create their own music by alternating the instrument sounds and tones that play when the various buttons are pressed. This allows the consumer to engage with the packaging and the fun aspect of the brand through musical storytelling.

Packaging can offer so much more than simple protection and branding. Shape, artworks, copy and technical features can be used creatively to complement a company’s story or to highlight a quirky part of a brand’s history. This adds up to a better consumer experience and engagement with the brand.

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