Custom packaging ranging from premium to luxury

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Custom packaging ranging from premium to luxury. End-to-end design & manufacturing.

High-quality, cost-competitive & innovative secondary packaging
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We’re an international company that designs and manufactures high-quality, cost-competitive & innovative secondary packaging.

Whether you need premium or luxury packaging (and everything in between), we craft a custom solution that is tailormade for your pricing, brand and product needs.

With intricate knowledge of the complex packaging world, we’ve got the experience, know-how and global facilities to turn any vision into a reality.

Our expertise goes way beyond certain industries, materials or packaging types.

Industries we serve

Looking to package snazzy socks, classy confectionery, or the latest tech gadget? You name it. We package it. We love applying the hottest trends & best practices to your project.

Materials we use

We create unique, stylish packaging using dozens of materials and finishes. We also offer a wide (and fast-growing) range of cost-effective sustainable options.

Types we manufacture

No type of package is too simple or complicated for us. Simpler board boxes. Molded recycled pulp boxes. Veneered wooden boxes. And anything in between.

Types we manufacture
Unique, stylish packaging using dozens of materials and finishes

Is your current packaging not showing off your brand enough?

Looking to shake things up?

Or need help deciding exactly what you need?

No problem.

We’ll start by asking targeted questions to help crystallize your vision and clarify the type of package you need. Once we’ve defined your precise requirements, we’ll whip open our sketchpads, power up spreadsheets and let our creative juices bubble. We’ll then provide you with a few impressive options that meet your sustainability, commercial and brand requirements.

Your brand requirements
crystallize your vision

Getting packaging right is complicated.

We make it easy for you.

There’s no right or wrong point in the process to buzz on our doorbell. Bring us a pixel-perfect design, a rough sketch, or an abstract idea.

Our job

Taking care of every detail that goes into producing quality custom packaging. We handle the design if needed, build the prototype, source the materials, and manufacture and deliver the final product.

Your job

Stay informed and retain step-by-step oversight over your project with ongoing progress updates. From the first step until your exquisitely crafted packaging arrives at your door. Exactly on time. And within budget.

Getting packaging right is complicated
Whether you need premium or luxury packaging
a custom solution that is tailormade for you

A glimpse at some of the unique packaging we’ve created

Packaging isn’t just what we do. It’s who we are.

Taking packaging personally means that we’re here to give you the best of both worlds: world-class, innovative packaging from a global industry leader along with a silky-smooth customer experience built on trust, transparency and commitment. That’s why we’re as passionate about building meaningful, honest relationships and providing first-rate services, as we are about our top-notch design, manufacturing, and quality.

Taking packaging personally
first-rate packaging services
top-notch design, manufacturing, and quality

Work with a partner who takes packaging personally.

And feel the difference.

We don’t follow global standards.

We define them.


years of experience

We’ve created thousands of different packaging types for dozens of diverse industries. Our industry veterans bring the latest innovations to your project.



We’ve got a presence in North America, Europe, Asia & Africa. With dozens of sites located across the globe, we can efficiently serve customers anywhere in the world.



Our manufacturing takes place in some of the world’s most sophisticated production facilities. Stringent quality controls at every stage guarantee our hallmark quality.

Defining global packaging standards
Helping big and small brands in every industry create the perfect packaging

Let our experts turn your vision into the perfect packaging.

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