IPL Packaging's process

Having crafted thousands of packages for some of the world’s most iconic brands, we’ve got the exquisitely-finetuned processes and technical know-how to create your packaging.

As your partner, we include you in every stage of the process. Regular communication and progress updates give you the ongoing oversight you need to feel confident and in control.

How it works...

  • 01/06 The brief

    Tell us your exact requirements: pricing, timing & volumes.

    review its feasibility. Once approved, we move on to building the prototype.

    If you need us to pitch a concept, we’ll begin with ideation. This is where our talented designers will help turn your vision into a solid idea.

  • 02/06 The ideation & design

    Our creative engines fire up! We provide you with mood boards, ideas, and inspiration so we can pitch an initial concept that meets your brief.

    We take your feedback and develop a substantial design. A 3D rendered presentation shows you what it will look like. We make changes if needed.

    Once you approve, we give you a full breakdown of pricing & timing. Next, we get ready to build a sample.

  • 03/06 The Prototype

    We build a simple, unbranded prototype ( “white sample”) to test how the package looks and if it functions as intended.

    We send it to you for approval. And make changes if needed.

    You get a fully mocked-up sample with the exact artwork and finishes. We make reverts as needed, and you approve it.

  • 04/06 Pre-Production Quality Parameters

    Before we begin manufacturing, we set detailed quality parameters. This includes tolerance for defects in fit, finishes & alignment.

    We use military-grade control levels. These are statistical methods to ensure we meet the quality levels we agreed on.

    We set compliance criteria. We will test how the package holds up to changes in humidity, handling, and transit.

  • 05/06 Production Quality Control - online + post production

    White-gloved QC officers check the quality throughout production. By picking up on defects as they happen, we can fix them immediately. Once manufacturing is complete, we test in our lab.

    We simulate physical and climate changes in our laboratories to test how the packaging holds up in real life. Tests include climatic conditioning, compression, drop and impact, reduced pressure, shock, and vibration.

    All shipments are subjected to third-party quality assurance approval before we will release them for shipment. If they don’t pass this final independent inspection, they will be passed back to Quality Control.

  • 06/06 Shipping & Distribution

    We work with reliable and reputable logistics partners to deliver your goods to you on time.

Sustainability matters

Learn how we’re driving high-impact (and often low-cost) eco-friendly practices across the cycle: in our materials, our designs, and our manufacturing.

eco-friendly sustainability packaging
eco-friendly sustainability packaging
eco-friendly sustainability packaging

We make packaging easy for you.