Angostura in a Glass of its Own

“Reviewing production facilities and investigating and testing new, cutting-edge supply channels is a key aspect of ensuring that, as a full-service global packaging supplier, you’re addressing your client’s needs around budget, materials, transportation and the like,” says Christiana Delahaye, IPL Packaging Senior Purchasing Manager Europe.

“Strategic sourcing can really assist clients in best meeting their procurement objectives without compromising product quality or supplier service levels,” she says. “It can help to create distinctive value and also, maintain a competitive edge. A recent example of this is a packaging solution designed and produced by IPL Packaging for Angostura,” says Delahaye. 

Supply chain cargo ship in port

Angostura premium rum

Located in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Angostura, the world’s market leader for bitters, is also one of the Caribbean’s leading rum producers with a superb collection of rum brands.  With quality and distinction long being the cornerstone of the Angostura business, the company approached IPL Packaging to design and produce a high-quality gift box containing a bottle of Angostura 1919 Premium Rum and two high-quality glass tumblers.

“The rigid board packaging solution was designed by our IPL Design team and manufactured by our longstanding manufacturing partners in Asia,” she states. “When it came to sourcing the best quality glass tumblers, quality and personalisation were also therefore two of our key objectives, this along with working with a glass supplier who supports sustainable and environmentally-friendly production processes.”

Angostura premium rum and glass tumblers in packaging

Bespoke crafted glasses

“With IPL having established several strategic contacts in the Polish glass-making industry, we approached a well-established and traditional glassmaking facility, famous for its meticulous quality and know-how,” says Delahaye. “Carefully crafting glass and stemware for nearly a century, the factory maintains a distinct focus on sustainable, eco-friendly artisanship.”

The glass is smelted while maintaining rigorous European standards for environmental emissions. The complete absence of lead and other heavy metals harmful to health and the environment ensure that these glasses can be 100% recycled and also allow them to showcase a high level of transparency and brilliance. 

“In close collaboration with the client, we ultimately selected a glass tumbler with a distinct ‘wavy’ base that provided an interesting textural element, ” explains Delahaye. “The tumbler was further personalised with a white and gold printed logo, adapted to the client needs.” 

Complete Angostura gift pack

“The result is an Angostura gift pack as distinctive as it is practical; glassware and packaging that perfectly complements the product it accompanies and further entrenches the quality of the prestigious rum itself,” she states. “What is key is that, through close collaboration with our client and our key manufacturing partners (though which we are able to effect complex logistics and manufacturing procurement), we’ve produced a gift pack that is both impactful and highly functional,” she says.  

“In today’s competitive economy, and when servicing global industry players such as Angostura, we need to consistently engage in new and creative collaborations that assure and improve the quality of the final product, attain differentiation and achieve a faster time to market.”

Global supply chain graphic depiction

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