Flying High

Flying high ipl packaging luxury packaging

A high-end packaging solution to house a particularly exceptional brand; IPL created a premium box to house a specially crafted crystal bottle with custom-designed eagle stopper for Double Eagle, Very Rare bourbon whisky.

LB Odendaal, IPL Packaging Design and Innovations Manager, explains more regarding the pack design.

“We understood that the packaging for Double Eagle, Very Rare, a distinctive new expression crafted by Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky USA, would be the consumer’s first tangible experience with this super-premium brand. It therefore needed to convey a message as unique as the product within it,” explains “We ultimately looked to produce something that would glorify the brand, convey an image of sophistication and value and also tell a ‘luxury story’,” he says.

The result is a showstopper: a high-gloss black lacquered MDF box with aluminium double-door panels, engraved and inlaid with a design resembling eagle feathers, supplied by the client, and complementing the black silkscreen ink-filled logo.

Both the custom-designed bottle and stopper are housed separately in the box, with the eagle shaped stopper mirroring the eagle arising from the interior bottom of the bottle. Upon opening the double doors of the box, both items are illuminated by LED lamps. These also highlight the rich, wonderful colour of bourbon itself.

“Sliding on custom-designed metal rails, with the left hand door hiding a secret compartment containing brand information, the packaging has been designed to enrich the user experience – with the real ‘wow factor’ being the illumination element of the box,” says Odendaal, who explains that the box interior is lined in a tactile grey fabric with black felt at the bottom of the box.

The packaging was designed in such a way that it portrays a sense of reputation and prestige befitting both the brand and its creators; no distillery has earned more domestic and international accolades than Buffalo Trace. Writers, enthusiasts and spirits competitions around the globe have awarded more than 500 accolades to its brands, with the title of ‘world’s most award-winning distillery’ earned through the uncompromising dedication of craftsmen for over 200 years.