July 20, 2022

Sustainable, Sophisticated…and Cost-Savvy Packaging

The primary aim of using more sustainable materials and improved processes in fragrance, cosmetics or lifestyle packaging is, naturally, to reduce a brand’s (and our own) impact on the planet. At the same time, brands often find it challenging to make the switch to more sustainable packaging as they either a) foresee it as sacrificing on quality or b) impacting pricing due to perceived higher material or production costs.

“The fact is, you don’t need to sacrifice aesthetics for ethics and, with rapid innovation in sustainable packaging technologies, global packaging suppliers are able to deliver a host of lower cost, high value luxury packaging alternatives,” says LB Odendaal, Head of Design at IPL Packaging. “Together, intelligent design and sustainable materials can equate to more efficient and cost-effective packaging solutions.”

“Illustrative of this concept, our team created a variety of eye-catching and economical sustainable packaging samples which, when showcased at the recent Luxe Pack New York Show, received a tremendous response from clients.

Fragrance and Cosmetics Packaging

As just one example of multiple options available for the creation of sustainable cosmetics packs this particular sample reflects a kraft paper-wrapped rigid board box complete with a wraparound tuck closure and paper lock fitments.

The double-layered paper wrapped inner fitment features a similar pattern to the exterior in key areas, utilising soya-based ink with aqueous varnish and cold foil elements.

Embossing and foil stamping can be implemented in a responsible way and (if the use of laminated films is avoided), can be considered very environmentally friendly. Quick, clean, environmentally friendly and surprisingly economical it’s entirely possible to create show-stopping premium packaging solutions and be safe in the knowledge it won’t impact negatively on the environment.

Confectionery Packaging

For the confectionery box we looked to create interest through the creation of a swivel opening mechanism (eliminating the need for latches or magnets as fasteners). The outer box is constituted of responsibly sourced, kraft paper-wrapped rigid board, featuring a soya-based print with aqueous varnish. The inner box features a contrasting print treatment and contains separate compartments to securely hold the treats within. A natural cotton fibre pull-ribbon assists with ease of opening.

Responsibly sourced and produced papers (lacking bleach and harmful chemical dyes) are tremendously effective as paper wraps on rigid substrates. These new paper options can ensure a brand’s desired ‘look and feel’ specifications are met and tick those all-important design boxes ranging from ‘sleek sophistication’ to ‘textured modern minimalism’.

Lifestyle and Gift Card Packaging

For the Gift Card Pack we created a double-layered card slide box, striking in its sheer simplicity. In keeping with the concept of sustainability and, as with the other samples, we looked to design impactful yet understated creative elements, firm in our belief that elegant design speaks volumes and adds a premium feel to the customer experience.

White kraft paper-covered rigid board covers both the outer sleeve and the inner box, with a paper hinge present on the inner box. Both the elements feature CMYK soya-based printing, hot foiling and embossing and aqueous varnish. The foiling is environmentally friendly, cost efficient and also assists in providing contrast to the finished product as well as an elegant, attractive look in any lighting.


“By consistently testing and trialling new products, materials and processes and by implementing changes both big and small, we’ve found it’s possible to positively impact the environment and achieve impressive-looking packaging that appeals to consumers,” states Odendaal.

“We continually research and develop packaging components, fitments and processes using this process we also look to design and deliver together high-end packaging for your luxury products in the most cost-effective way possible,” he says. “It’s innovative thinking that will ultimately see more brands opting for sustainable packaging and ultimately changing our planet for the better.”

IPL Packaging is a global luxury packaging supplier with offices in the USA, Europe, Mexico, Asia and Africa. Approved manufacturing is available in several Asian countries, as well as sites in Eastern Europe. We create bespoke, tailored and exclusive packaging for any premium or luxury brand and lead the entire process, from conceptualisation and design to production and delivery.

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