Making Music – MELODI

A new range of interactive, melodic jewellery cases created for Melodi by IPL Packaging provide a modern day take on the music boxes of old.

Squiggles and random flat shapes, patterns, bold colours that contrast with softer pastels, offset by thick black geometry and then more squiggles; this describes the Memphis-style design aesthetic that kicked off the 80’s, became ubiquitous in the 90’s, and has now been refreshed for modern times.
It also portrays the look and feel of a range of interactive packaging solutions recently designed for Melodi.

The range of jewellery boxes, in varying sizes, are constructed of paper-wrapped MDF and incorporate a new technology that allows the consumer to truly interact with the packaging rather than simply utilising it functionally,” explains Este Theron, Senior Graphic Designer at IPL Packaging. “It gives the product personality.”

Becoming fully consumer centric often means that even consumer behaviour unrelated to a brand’s particular category can and should taken into consideration. This is the strategy behind the music-related interactivity integrated into the Melodi jewellery packaging range.

Each box in the range displays a playful use of colour with a fun, visually stimulating array of shapes and embossed and spot-uv buttons that indicate exactly where the consumer should press.

“The real magic happens on the case lid!” says Theron. “And the consumer interactivity is directly tied-in with the surface graphics.”

“The music emanating from the box is not pre-recorded, in fact, it’s truly personalised. The consumer actually has the freedom to create their own music by alternating the instrument sounds and tones that emanate from each button.”

So how does it work?

“We designed the base layer of the lid to feature technology that incorporates electronic circuitry printed onto a polymer sheet that allows for seamless integration into the overall design,” says Theron. “A battery pack and speaker, as well as a programmable circuit board, are then neatly secreted in the lid behind the inner fitment, whilst a charging port is discreetly located on the back of the lid.”

Each case features metalised piano hinges for subtle embellishment and a magnetic closure to allow for a seamless finish. Case interiors feature a combination of MDF and foam fitments wrapped in a luxurious grey simulated suede fabric for ultimate protection of the jewellery items.

In essence, Melodi is a perfect example of how packaging is increasingly becoming a more substantial part of the consumer experience. Aside from the delightful audio component, the jewellery packaging adds yet another sensory experience through touch.