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March 27, 2024

Packaged Like Stars

Sugarfina’s Hollywood Centennial Tasting Collection

Embark on a cinematic journey with Sugarfina’s limited edition Tasting Collection, proudly produced by IPL Packaging to celebrate the centennial of the Hollywood sign. 

Each keepsake box in this collection is a tribute to the legendary symbol of the entertainment industry, with scene-stealing displays that invite you on a sweet excursion through the hills of candy imagination or a stroll along the confectionery equivalent of Hollywood Boulevard, honoring the dreams and aspirations ignited by Tinseltown’s storied past.

The collection is a marquee of three beautifully produced keepsake boxes, each one spotlighting an iconic aspect of Hollywood. The boxes boast clear PET windows that offer a glimpse into the multi-layered, die-cut dioramas within, creating an intricate pop-up effect that adds depth and dimension.

The “Hollywood Cruising Car” and “Hollywood Movie Theatre” boxes burst with vibrant colors and gold foil details, capturing the splendour of Hollywood’s golden days. The “Cruising Car” box takes you on a nostalgic ride with its pop-up diorama reminiscent of sunlit drives down iconic avenues, while the Movie Theatre box unfolds a cinematic tapestry rich with the history of film. The “Hollywood Skyline” box contrasts with a refined palette of classic monotones accented by gold, encapsulating the famed district’s dynamic, glamorous essence.

To ensure the boxes remain pristine, they are finished with an anti-scratch lamination, providing both durability and preserving the vibrant visual elements along with the spot-varnished product imagery that adorns the back of each pack.

These are not just ordinary candy containers; they are interactive experiences. Drawers pull out to reveal a curated selection of gourmet candies, each hidden behind gold-foiled, starry ‘Walk of Fame’-style perforated windows. 

With each box, Sugarfina invites you to taste the stardust and unwrap your very own piece of Hollywood.


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