August 22, 2023

Time Well Spent

The Time Series by Royal Salute

The Time Series by Royal Salute is a tribute to one of life’s most precious ingredients – time. A limited edition of only 101 bottles of this rare and remarkable 51 Year Old Scotch Whisky blend sees a crystal decanter encased in an exquisite wooden box produced by IPL.

The box consists of five wooden layers, each layer representing a decade of maturation for the whisky (5 decades in total). The intricately patterned interior of the box takes inspiration from that oldest measure of time – the sundial.

This collector’s wooden case has been meticulously crafted from five layers of oak to represent the five decades it took to create this special whisky blend.

Diamond-shaped electroformed aluminium plaques feature on both the outer and inner lid of the case. The bottle is protected and held in place by a paper-wrapped pad with a blue pull ribbon.
Each inner leatherette-lined panel is imprinted with a special design. The pattern features 24 lines striking out from the centre of each diamond and representing the passing of time.

The box also features a pull ribbon for ease of opening. Discreetly concealed magnets are secured beneath the outer veneer of the box to ensure secure closure. Two electroplated gold-coloured metal hinges allow for a 180-degree opening and provide a perfect display of the exquisite bottle encased within.

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