March 24, 2022

Sustainability that Beats the Boring

Ongoing research, combined with testing and trialling initiatives, are enabling packaging suppliers at the forefront of environmental trends to supply a wide variety of materials and components designed to exceed client expectations and, ultimately, achieve their sustainability objectives, whilst also ‘beating the bland’.

As part of our desire to fulfil our clients’ eco-objectives, we developed a Sustainable Material Sample Set showcasing a variety of tried-and-tested, practical and, naturally, environmentally conscious packaging alternatives.

The result is a ‘snapshot’ of different green options amid ongoing efforts to test sustainable packaging approaches and materials.

To us, it’s a brief glimpse into what the future of packaging holds.
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Solutions for tomorrow. Already available today.

Designed as a series of eight wrist watch boxes, each outer pack boasts a series of striking designs, printed using soy and water-based inks, and finished with emboss, deboss and biodegradable foil detailing.

Utilising rigid board as the base material, each element of the packaging was tested, trialled and selected with a commitment to quality and efficiency at every step.

All paper-wraps are sustainable and reflect options such as stone paper (a type of paper made from calcium carbonate 80% (limestone) and bio-polyethylene resin 20% (HDPE)), wood-free paper (created exclusively from chemical pulp rather than mechanical), and bamboo paper, with no lamination.

Each box has a different inner fitment showcasing different sustainable options.
The variety of inner fitments showcase:

Soft card, cork, PET felt, IXPE Foam, wood, moulded pulp and biofoam.

1. Stone paper wrap, emboss & deboss, soy-based ink.

Moulded pulp inner fitment.


2. Wood-free paper wrap, emboss & deboss, soy-based ink.

Biofoam inner fitment.


3. Wood-free paper wrap, emboss & PU-free foil, soy-based ink.

Recycled PET felt inner fitment.


4. Bamboo paper wrap, emboss detailing, soy-based ink.

IXPE foam fitment.


5. Stone paper wrap, PU-free foiling, soy-based ink.

Two-part soft card inner fitment.


6. Textured bamboo paper wrap, deboss, soy-based ink.

Two-part wrapped rigid board inner fitment (FSC greyboard).


7. Bamboo paper wrap, emboss, soy-based ink.

Solid wood inner fitment.


8. Wood-free paper wrap, textured soy-based ink print.

Cork fitment.


The scope of opportunity and innovation for sustainable packaging has multiple dimensions and, though valuable in reflecting the options available, the Sustainable Sample Pack places emphasis only on the relevance of packaging materials in the sustainable packaging development.

Renewable, recyclable and biodegradable materials are not the only option for a better carbon footprint for your product and it’s imperative that we view this as a holistic process that will hopefully continue indefinitely as brands and suppliers work together to reinvent and simplify sustainable packaging approaches across the packaging supply chain.

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