March 19, 2024

Encapsulating Packaging Elegance In Bardstown’s Origin Series

Six Years into perfecting the art of whiskey-making, Bardstown Bourbon Company, celebrated for its advanced distilling methods, recently unveiled its first estate-distilled collection. The esteemed American distillery introduces The Origin Series with three exquisite 6-year-old whiskies: Origin Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Origin Bottled-in-Bond, and Origin Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey.

To match the craftsmanship of these spirits, IPL Packaging, a leader in innovative global packaging solutions, was commissioned to create a secondary display cabinet embodying the brand’s ethos of modern luxury.

IPL Packaging’s collaboration with Bardstown Bourbon Co. demonstrates a shared vision of quality and sophistication. The cabinet ensures enhanced visibility and protection for the 3 whiskey bottles, crafted to captivate and protect in equal measure. IPL’s Design Team, renowned for merging functional integrity with aesthetic excellence, aimed to reflect the distillery’s contemporary elegance and architectural identity.

The cabinet is constructed from oak veneered wood and features a tempered glass door with a bespoke aluminum latch and trim, anodised in a rose gold hue and adorned with precise laser engraving. This choice of materials not only tells the Bardstown story but also adds a layer of luxury to the display. Inside, the whiskies are nestled in a custom grey fabric-lined EVA fitment, ensuring they remain the centre of attention.

Limited to 100 unique pieces, each cabinet mirrors the distillery’s structural design language, making each one a numbered collectable that’s as unique as the whiskey it holds. The design aligns with the minimalist elegance of modern architecture, creating a showcase that not only highlights the whiskey but also stands as an object of design distinction.

With IPL Packaging focusing on the recyclability of the materials and the longevity of the cabinet’s life as a display case, the result is a sustainable, visually striking packaging solution that stands as a testament to excellence and environmental responsibility.

With The Origin Series, Bardstown Bourbon Company, in collaboration with IPL Packaging, presents a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, setting a new standard for premium whiskey packaging in the industry.


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