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January 25, 2023

Work Feature – Lambay 20 YO

Towards the end of 2022 Lambay Whiskey proudly “Unlocked the Untold”, supporting its 20 Year Old Castle Prestige Edition single Malt launch with an intriguing digital-first campaign.

As honoured creators and producers of the secondary packaging solution for this special edition whiskey, the design team at IPL Packaging took care to ensure the distinctive ‘keyhole’ visual identity featured across the ‘Unlock The Untold’ messaging on the outer pack. Helping to bring the brand’s provenance to life, subtle yet effective design cues include wave-like patterns embossed on the inner part of the box and latches that mimic both the shape of the puffin (an iconic Lambay mascot) and the distinctive key symbol.

A digital key (QR code) presents on each of the 8,000 limited edition bottles unlocking exclusive access to a bespoke microsite detailing the world of Lambay. Through this code customers are invited to discover the Lambay island remotely, uncovering and exploring a rich and evocative tale of tide and times.

The exclusive paper-wrapped rigid board box features rich gold emboss and foil details (the design embossed on the box outer is a blueprint of the castle on the island) and a customised latch mechanism with a custom swivel friction fit. IPL Packaging also designed the bottle graphic and strip in order to integrate a seamless overall look and feel.

The plinth upon which the bottle sits acts as a ‘stage’ – allowing consumers to view all the elements of the bottle and pack but also to accentuate the Lambay story with the addition of the wave detail embossed in the base and inner lining.

The story of Lambay Irish Whiskey centres on two families – Camus and Baring – and one “mysterious and alluring” island. Lambay Irish Whiskey’s bonded warehouse, The Sea Cask Room, is located on Lambay Island. According to the partners, it allows the whiskey to undergo its maritime maturation process, giving the French oak casks the opportunity to absorb the rich microclimate of the maritime winds and sea pollens.

Water from the island’s Trinity Well is also used in the final flourish of the whiskey to ensure the ultimate flavour profile. The packaging solution as a whole extends from the story told by the whiskey – a heritage/ origin story of all things Lambay history and island.

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