June 22, 2022

Fit for Royalty

It’s always a privilege to produce exquisite packaging, perhaps even more so when the design displays an enchanting visual identity and, in this case, encapsulates the rich British Heritage of one of the world’s finest whisky brands.

IPL Packaging translated creative designs by London agency, Boundless Brand Design, into two resplendent paper-wrapped rigid board packaging solutions for distinctive Royal Salute whisky expressions, the 32 Year Old (The Precious Jewel) and the 38 Year Old (Stone of Destiny).


Both packs feature overlapping front doors complete with foil stamping and branded, diamond shaped aluminium plaques (one large and one small) featuring in silver on the rich blue 32YO pack and gold on the red 38YO pack. Both boxes also include double-sided magnets and metal plates to secure closure as well as keep doors secure when flapped open. A ribbon is centered on the outer door edge to assist with opening.

The inner doors and compartments of both boxes reflect intricate illustrations in beautiful foil stamped, matte varnished detail that perpetuate the feeling of luxury and indulgence. Complementing the exquisite decanters within, the fine detailing helps the brand to deliver boldly on shelf and to exceed typical gifting expectations.


The Inspiration: The Honours of Scotland (known as the Scottish Crown Jewels), an iconic set of jewels belonging to the British Monarchy, that have long since been protected by the Scots and hidden away from those who sought to destroy them.

The Design: Much like the tapestries adorning the walls of British royal palaces, the gift box design is filled with intricate details that bring to life the incredible stories connected to the British Monarchy, Scottish landscape and flavour profile of the whisky itself.


The Inspiration: The Stone of Destiny, a legendary symbol of Scotland’s Monarchy. Now housed at Edinburgh Castle, this sacred object – a block of red sandstone – has been an integral part of the inauguration ceremony of the monarchs of Scotland, and later the Kings and Queens of the United Kingdom, for centuries.

The Design: All Kings and Queens of Scotland have their own unique stories, though what entwines them is being crowned atop the Stone of Destiny at Scone Palace. The gift box design pays tribute to the unique journey of each ruling monarch and their ability to influence their own destiny.

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