May 19, 2022

A Slam Dunk for Cincoro

The name Cincoro translates to ‘five gold’ in Spanish (‘cinco’ – five, ‘oro’ – gold) and pays homage to the five founding partners of Cincoro Tequila and their pursuit to create the gold standard in tequila. As proud packaging partners for this ultra-premium brand, IPL Packaging designed and produced a pack that would distinctively complement the exquisite Cincoro tequila itself.

©Paul Aresu

Beyond the fact that Cincoro is uniquely made with 100% Weber Blue agave, the original story behind the brand is a compelling one. In 2016, a group of friendly professional basketball rivals, Emilia Fazzalari and Wye Grousbeck, Jeanie Buss, Michael Jordan and Wes Edens met for dinner.

Not long thereafter, the five new friends took the bold step of starting a company from scratch, ensuring their vision for a new style of tequila that today offers four luxurious, award-winning expressions.

Behind the Pack:

Designed as an impressively tall box, enabling it to hold a 1.75L bottle of tequila, the pack is constructed primarily of black MDF with a gloss varnish that lends it a lustrous finish.

Created in the shape of a pentagram in order to mirror the cross-section of an agave leaf, the pack creates a visually arresting appearance. Both the front (the apex) and top of the box feature striking electroform decal logos in gold, with the sides and back of the pack each displaying a metallic silk screened logo and matt black branding details

A sleek, electroplated black metal handle assists with opening and closing the magnetized ‘door’.


Black electroplated piano hinges (covered in a black suede-like fabric on the interior) allow for a 180-degree opening of the box in order to fully showcase the splendor of the bottle within.

The lid and base of the inner box both contain full length EVA fitments wrapped in black suede lining with the tequila bottle shape recess. This recess is designed to contain a sleek, contemporary and unique bottle; a glass ‘sculpture’ of the agave leaf that highlights the liquid, with a five-sided base and topped with a king’s crown crystal stopper.


The entire case is contained in a drawstring black suede-like bag, finished with a gold Cincoro logo. This is offered further protection with the provision of a sturdy, Cincoro-branded rigid board carry case with handle.

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