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May 2, 2024

Soaring Celebrations

Luxury is a narrative, each chapter defined by exquisite details and the craftsmanship that brings stories to life.

IPL Packaging has once again brought to life Gulfstream Aerospace’s enchanting Mooncake Festival gift set – a luxurious symbol of the Mooncake, or Mid-Autumn Festival, that embodies tales of lunar beauty and the unity of family and friends.

Gulfstream, synonymous with excellence in business aviation, continues to honour this cherished tradition by entrusting IPL Packaging with translating design into tangible luxury through its production.

Following the previous year’s success with its distinctive copper-toned foil stamping and Metpol (foil) paper, the current iteration (which has fortified the collaboration and led to a renewed partnership), unfolds a familiar structure with a refreshed aesthetic.

The outer shell of the box is swathed in a lustrous red flocked paper and blooms with a vitality reminiscent of the full autumn moon’s glow. Gracing this foundation is the imagery of a black brushstroke rabbit, set against gold foiling—a tribute to the Water Rabbit of the Chinese zodiac.

The box’s interior reveals a consistent narrative thread, with the inner frame and divider adorned in the stately dark blue paper introduced in the prior year.

Cradled inside the outer box are four individual mooncake boxes. On each, the tactile richness of the red-flocked paper is illuminated by intricate gold foiling or embossed elements that draw the eye and delight the senses. Here you see the Water Rabbit leaping, a Chinese architectural motif, the distinguished Gulfstream aircraft and the full Autumn moon – a confluence of tradition and modernity

Through this mooncake box, and those currently in production, IPL Packaging and Gulfstream Aerospace reaffirm a shared dedication to fostering connections and celebrating milestones.


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