Scents of Sustainability

August 23, 2022

Scents of Sustainability

As the fragrance industry makes significant moves towards more conscious practices, packaging suppliers are stepping up to the fold. Many are consistently testing and trialling new, innovative and eco-friendly materials designed to help brands reduce their environmental impact and meet their sustainability goals.

The design team at global packaging supplier, IPL Packaging, is doing just this. Motivated to explore creative ideas centred on 100% sustainable premium eco-cosmetic packaging, their design for conceptual cosmetics brand ‘Groen’ delivers one such example of their ongoing work in this sector.

Here the team created a bespoke gift pack solution that successfully ticks all the boxes in terms of biodegradable brains and beauty.

On the outer cover, brand details are reflected in simple, elegant emboss – with no ink colouring or printed branding. The products themselves are contained in a secondary box, complete with a double closure paper lid to provide a secondary reveal – and a natural fibre ribbon aiding with release of the cosmetic containers.

A natural, undyed leather strap serves as an additional closing mechanism and adds to the overall premium, yet artisanal look-and- feel of the product.

IPL Packaging is a global luxury packaging supplier with offices in the USA, Europe, Mexico, Asia and Africa. Approved manufacturing is available in several Asian countries, as well as sites in Eastern Europe. We create bespoke, tailored and exclusive packaging for any premium or luxury brand and lead the entire process, from conceptualisation and design to production and delivery.

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