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June 19, 2024

Dawn of Distinction – ‘The Beginning’ by Echlinville

IPL Packaging recently designed and created an exquisite presentation box for “The Beginning” by Echlinville. Showcasing a distinguished pair of seven-year-old double distilled Pot Still and Single Malt whiskies. Each element of this limited two-bottle release, restricted to just 750 sets, reflects the craftsmanship and elegance that Echlinville stands for.

Since its inception in 2013, Echlinville has distinguished itself as Ireland’s first Single Estate farm distillery. Located amidst the rolling drumlins of northeast Ireland, this pioneering farm distillery has become a central figure in Ireland’s spirits renaissance, actively leading the resurgence of Irish whiskey with its innovative spirit and reverence for quality.

The presentation box is truly a masterpiece, crafted with a wood veneer and featuring a sophisticated side-split opening. Its design incorporates a copper metallised latch closure and piano hinges, subtly echoing the copper stills integral to the distillery’s whiskey production.

The exterior is elegantly adorned with laser-etched, ink-filled metallic branding, adding a layer of depth and refinement. A raised metal coat of arms is prominently featured, imparting a regal touch, while intricate screen-printing further enhances the textural intricacies of the design.

Where functionality meets elegance, the box’s custom two-part copper metallic interlocking handle ensures secure closure and ease of transport. Opening the box unveils internal doors that lead to a second layer of discovery, embellished with copper foil detailing that recounts the rich history and legacy of Echlinville.

Inside, the box is lined with paper-wrapped side panels and reverse-printed acrylic back panels that showcase sepia-toned images from Echlinville’s past. The whiskies are carefully secured with pin-style bottle yokes, ensuring both stability and prominence in this remarkable display.

Each presentation box is not only a collector’s item but also a profound tribute to the enduring legacy of the Echlinville Distillery.


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