The pace of change in our world today is truly astonishing. In fact, since the dawn of the internet, our behaviour seems to have evolved faster than ever before in human history.

Global megatrends are driving new demands from consumers. Ubiquitous connectivity, the launch of 5G and connected technologies are all driving the desire for customised content and products – direct and on-demand. The climate crisis sees sustainability at the top of everyone’s agenda, in their homes and at work. The drive for equality and social justice sees those same people ask for more of businesses, whatever sector they’re in.

Add to this the push for more purposeful purchasing. More share-able experiences. More engaging, authentic brands. And it’s easy to see why businesses have to evolve quickly or be left behind.

These are all considerations you’ve likely designed into your own products. The truth is, however, despite the opportunities presented to us today, not everyone is keeping up with change.

The packaging world is one example of an industry that’s been sluggish to adapt. But that’s not a situation we’ll allow to go unchallenged.

As the experience your customers demand from your products has changed, so too has what your business needs from its packaging provider.

We believe there are three principles of future-readiness which, when applied to our packaging concept and execution processes, result in a cohesive and engaging 360o product experience, fit for today’s world.



Packaging is a multi-sensory experience. And not just that: in the age of unboxing, it’s fast becoming a key opportunity to strengthen the consumer-brand relationship.

New customer expectations demand a new mindset when it comes to design. And that means thinking beyond the shelf, to the world of digital.

How good does your product look online, and on social platforms? Is it desirable? Can it replicate the physical theatre of retail in a digital world? Or with the inclusion of technology, could it even surpass it?

Speaking of technology, does your product’s packaging create an unboxing experience that can be shared and admired? With 86% of Gen Z and 81% of Millennial shoppers more likely to purchase a product after seeing user-generated content such as photos, ‘hauls’ and unboxing videos, and the most popular unboxing channels gaining more YouTube views and subscribers than Ed Sheeran, its gravity can’t be ignored.

Of course, the COVID pandemic has also had an impact on design, with hygienic design adding a new consideration to the concepting process. And when it comes to the direct-to-consumer movement, how does your packaging look and feel when it arrives directly in homes, as opposed to being picked up in-store?

All of these considerations form part of initial conversations with our clients.

So we can be sure your customers are not only satisfied, but delighted with the entire unboxing process.


It can be difficult to find balance when it comes to production quality and speed of service. But that shouldn’t mean you need to compromise.

However strict your cost parameters, we can find a way to work within them. In fact, by looking at the way we approach packaging – evaluating every element of the supply chain from end-to-end – it’s possible to balance sustainability and design innovation, luxury and value. All without sacrifice.

And we don’t stop with the use of raw, ethically and sustainably sourced materials. With our global supplier network, we can find local supply options to shorten the logistics chain for every job, meaning from source to distribution, your production is as eco-friendly and economically viable as possible.

We will even help you to explore the second use – the second life – of your packaging, too.

So it takes a place in your customers’ lives beyond the original unboxing, and you have a truly sustainable product, at a sustainable price-point, for your business.


The rise of e-commerce means competition is fierce in almost every sector. And from initial design to the moment your product arrives with your customers, we know the pressure is on for you to achieve more efficiency and more value than ever.

You need faster production times. More flexible, bespoke manufacturing. More assurance of meeting the right regulations. And more localised supply and support.

That’s why we pride ourselves on being one of the most adaptable producers of luxury packaging in the world.

That includes thorough performance and regulatory checks, such as our Internal Vendor Qualification Audit: our in-depth audit of potential suppliers to check they’re reliable, efficient and able to meet our high standards for packaging production. We’ll complete the audit before any contracts are signed, checking a wide range of categories of technical proficiencies, as well as human resources and environmental policies, for your total piece of mind.

Whatever it is you need, we can align our processes to meet your requirements – no matter how complex they might be.


There’s no need to wait for the rest of the packaging industry to catch up with our changing world. At IPL, we’re already looking to the future to inform the luxury packaging experience, today.

Wherever you need our support, we’ll be right there alongside you. Whenever you have a question, a query or a new idea, we’ll provide informed insight and honest answers.

By freeing our thinking, we’re leading the market in offering a packaging experience that’s more responsive, more relevant and more reflective of the new world in which we’re all living and working.

For the people who are driving global demand.

For the generations of today and tomorrow.

For your brand and your customers.

How does your packaging line up in a changing world? Get in touch for your free next-generation packaging review, and talk to an IPL Packaging specialist about your business’ needs.

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