April 6, 2021

Tin is a luxurious and sustainable packaging material

There are many sustainable packaging materials available nowadays; recycled papers, bamboo, FSC-certified wood and pulp among them. However, these substrates are not always associated with both luxury and sustainability (although that is starting to change). There is one packaging material that has been ticking both boxes; tin is both luxurious and sustainable.

Tin has many advantages as a substrate. It is lightweight and highly resistant to corrosion or rust (if properly coated) and can be quite malleable in certain applications. This verastile metal can be used to create beautiful secondary packs for premium brands. These are often eye-catching with enormous print options available on the tin plate and can then be adorned with emboss, deboss and various other finishes. 

Tin is a highly customisable choice for high-end products and why many luxury brands have opted for tin packaging in the past, due to its visual appeal and good tactile benefits too. But importantly, in today’s need for sustainable products, it is a strong consideration.

What makes tin sustainable?

Gloved hand holding scrap tin shavings


Tin is considered to be a sustainable packaging substrate because it is completely recyclable, meaning that it can be processed and returned to the production cycle without a loss of quality. Many countries around the world now have tin recycling rates of over 90%, which is a testament to the metal’s reusability1.

When used as a coating over other metals, tin can still be melted down and reformed multiple times at the end of the recycling process. In addition, it is a magnetic metal. This means that tin can be quickly and easily extracted from the waste stream.

For luxury and premium brands looking to improve their sustainability credentials without losing the quality look and feel of their packs, tin is an ideal choice. Take a look at some examples of tin packaging below:

Ludlow Blunt tin

©Ludlow Blunt

Ludlow Blunt tin lid


  1. Engineered


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