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January 24, 2024

Unveiling the Future

IPL Design’s Forecast for Luxury Packaging in 2024 and Beyond

“In an era of constant change, human behaviour continues to defy expectations. Amidst this flux, artificial intelligence has emerged as a pivotal force, subtly influencing our perceptions through complex algorithms that curate our digital landscape. While AI reshapes our digital interactions, we maintain our commitment to traditional values and top-tier luxury packaging.

Our focus for 2024 is clear: invest in and grow our Design and New Product Development teams to deliver distinctive, ‘on brand’ packaging.

Ryan Broomberg, IPL Packaging Director

Excellence in design and manufacturability remains our goal, as we continue to elevate our team’s expertise.

Whilst we keep a close watch on AI advancements, our priority is in being able to best interpret designs so they can be manufactured in the best way possible, this goes hand in hand with investing in the skilled individuals who are the cornerstone of IPL Packaging’s success.”

Here are their predictions for the Luxury Packaging Design trends of the future:

1. Storytelling Evolution:

In 2024, we anticipate an elevation in brand storytelling, already an entrenched packaging trend. Intricate illustrations and embossed motifs will continue to immerse consumers in captivating and unique narratives as they embark on that powerful post-purchase marketing experience: unboxing their packaging and unveiling its contents, like the first chapter in a gripping novel! Packaging will continue to further seek to deepen brand engagement, provide tangible proof of brand values and create memorable and lasting consumer impressions.

2. Personalisation and Customisation:

Luxury packaging will continue to respond to the ever-growing demand for personalised and tailored experiences. Brands will further embrace digital printing techniques that offer packaging easily customised with individual names, personal messages, or imagery. This sense of personalisation will not only enhance a sense of exclusivity but also assist in strengthening emotional connection and fostering greater brand loyalty.

3. Vintage and Retro Revival:

In 2024, nostalgia is likely to, again, take centre stage as we witness the resurgence of vintage and retro packaging designs. Designs such as these will tap into the aesthetics of bygone eras (in the cosmetics world it can be likened to visiting a centuries-old apothecary or a perfumer in ancient times), trigger past memories and emotions, and also establish deeper connections with consumers. Unlike Y2K-style designs, retro styles will embrace earthy tones, retro stripes, floral or funky patterns, and a more laid-back look, offering a refreshing break from the tech-dominated world.

4. Sustainable Luxury:

A must-have ethical component, the intense focus on sustainability will continue in 2024 as our designers continue the challenge of selecting materials and finishes that align with sustainability, recyclability, and low carbon impact. Whilst innovations such as biodegradable metallic foils and water-based inks are fast emerging, the key lies in our intelligent implementation to strike the balance between eco-friendliness and visual appeal, truly defining what it means to be sustainable.

5. Cultural Fusion:

We’ll further explore a diverse tapestry of patterns, colours, traditions, and artistic motifs from various cultures in our packaging designs. This approach will infuse luxury packaging with cultural authenticity and inclusivity, celebrating the rich heritage of different communities and cultures while resonating with consumers who appreciate diverse and global experiences.

6. Packaging as Collectible Art:

Artistic expression will prevail as luxury packaging continues to serve as a canvas for creativity. Collaborations with renowned artists, illustrators, and designers will (as previously have) result in visually stunning packaging that doubles as collectable art pieces. Encouraging secondary use, artistic expressions and collaborations will elevate packaging’s aesthetic appeal, making it a rare, desirable and unique item that customers eagerly seek out, not only for the product within but also for the unique packaging itself.

7. The Power of Collaboration:

Building upon the momentum of 2023, we’ll continue to witness collaborations between luxury brands and entertainment companies thriving well into 2024 and beyond. These partnerships will create unique and exciting packaging experiences, like the collaboration between BarbieTM and NYX Cosmetics, Fossil and chic luggage brand Béis, for example. Such collaborations reflect the ‘art of influence’ and will continue to drive brand engagement, expand market reach, and offer consumers exclusive and enticing packaging designs that align with their favourite brands and entertainment icons.

Our 3D Visualising Team (part of IPL Design):

8. Revolutionary Software Advancements:

The year 2023 marked a transformative phase in packaging design, spearheaded by Blender’s innovative updates, which introduced advanced hair/fur systems, enhanced Geometry nodes, and a much-anticipated light-linking feature. We also integrated Plasticity, a CAD tool for artists, to refine our design-to-manufacture process.

9. Emerging Trends and AI’s Role in Design:

Looking ahead to 2024 and further beyond, the intersection of AI with our design practices promises to reshape the landscape. AI will serve as a catalyst for generating a unique starting point for design concepts and optimising workflows, bolstering both our creative potential and operational efficiency in luxury packaging

The Stuff You Should Know:

As we venture ever further into the ever-evolving landscape of luxury packaging, IPL Design stands at the intersection of tradition and innovation. While the influence of AI continues to shape our digital world, our unwavering personal commitment to excellence in design and manufacturability remains steadfast.

Our predictions for the future of luxury packaging highlight a journey filled with storytelling evolution, personalisation, vintage revival, sustainability, cultural fusion, and the transformation of packaging into collectable art. The power of collaboration between luxury brands and entertainment companies will continue to flourish, offering unique and exciting packaging experiences.

Additionally, our 3D Visualizing Team embraces revolutionary software advancements and welcomes AI’s role in design, promising a future where creativity and efficiency converge to redefine luxury packaging.

At IPL Packaging, we remain dedicated to not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of our clients and consumers, ensuring that the future of packaging remains as captivating and memorable as the products it encases.

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