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June 29, 2023

Unpack(ag)ing: Service in Today’s World

Whether it’s delivering a product, offering support, or providing a seamless experience, service has become the key differentiator for suppliers across all industries in today’s competitive, fast-paced global business environment.

While many businesses may initially choose a supplier based on the quality of their products, it is often the service that determines the longevity of the relationship. Research over the last decade has shown that most businesses move suppliers due to unsatisfactory service rather than the inability of the supplier to deliver the product. This highlights the critical role service plays in sustaining a thriving business and maintaining strong, long-term partnerships.

Aristotle once said, “The sum of the parts is greater than the whole,” and this sentiment perfectly captures the essence of a strong working relationship between a brand and its suppliers. When businesses and suppliers forge genuine partnerships built on trust, respect, and shared goals, remarkable results can be achieved. Such partnerships go beyond the transactional nature of a typical supplier-client relationship. Instead, they foster a deeper connection that drives mutual success and customer satisfaction.

Great Client Service = Great Customer Experience

In the realm of luxury packaging (where attention to detail, quality and sophistication are paramount), the provision of great client service is the backbone of successful partnerships between brand/ business and supplier; it also elevates the overall customer (end-user) experience and can add substantial value beyond the initial purchase.

It is therefore essential for luxury packaging suppliers to prioritise exceptional service as a key differentiator, a way in which to ensure a trusted and longstanding business relationship and co-create value for both parties.

At its core, service is not just about the quality of the product or the technical expertise of the supplier. It encompasses a multitude of factors that determine the overall experience and success of the collaboration.

So what constitutes exceptional service?

It’s about People (…who take it personally)

While many factors come into play, a fundamental aspect of exceptional service is the undoubtedly human element. Can you get along with the people you are working in partnership with? Do your business values and goals align? Does your suppliers’ personal investment in your success mean that they will go the extra mile or two to get things done perfectly?

These questions might seem simple, but they hold immense significance. The ‘chemistry’ between the brand and the supplier can make or break a partnership. Ultimately, when a supplier understands and shares your vision, it becomes easier to navigate challenges, find creative solutions, and work harmoniously towards a common goal.

…And Clear Communication:

Another critical factor is the ability to establish strong and reliable communication channels. Suppliers need to ensure that they are available to their clients when needed. One of the key functions of a client service role, in the luxury packaging industry is to retain open channels of communication with clients about potential issues or delays, including any changes in design, materials, or project timing.

Clear communication is really at the core of successful partnerships – and entails ultimate transparency on the part of the supplier and the ability to communicate effectively and honestly when issues arise. Responsiveness and reliability are also key factors in ensuring that businesses can count on their suppliers to deliver on time, every time, and within budget.

…Plus Resourcefulness & Flexibility:

Resourcefulness and flexibility are other essential elements of exceptional service. Suppliers who can provide innovative solutions that exceed customer expectations can help businesses stand out from their competitors and keep up with shifting trends and demands.

Inevitably, external factors can often disrupt plans, particularly in trying economic times. Suppliers who can adapt to changing circumstances, and have contingency plans in place (including identifying alternative manufacturers, sourcing alternative materials, or altering shipping options, if necessary) to address potential risks and challenges will successfully manage client expectations and gain their trust.

…Mutual Respect:

At the heart of exceptional service, and successful project delivery, lies respect for and understanding of the customer’s role and goals, and vice versa. With this as a base, together they’ll find solutions to arising challenges and make informed decisions that align with project goals.

By building strong relationships based on trust and mutual respect, suppliers can help their clients achieve exceptional results. Suppliers who also take the time to understand and respect their client’s needs and requirements can better provide customised solutions that meet their unique needs.

And Responsiveness and Reliability:

Reliability and responsiveness are vital attributes of great service. A supplier that consistently delivers on time, keeps you informed at every step and promptly addresses any concerns will contribute to the smooth functioning of your business. In today’s dynamic marketplace, where customer demands and industry trends evolve rapidly, a responsive and proactive packaging supplier can be a valuable asset, ensuring your brand stays ahead of the competition and demonstrates a commitment to your long-term success.

In the packaging sphere, reliability and responsiveness can save both partners time and resources, allowing the client to focus on the core aspects of their business while maintaining a consistent level of quality and sophistication in their packaging. Similarly, a supplier that goes beyond the transaction and shows genuine reliability and understanding of your brand and customers, and tailors their service accordingly, can add an intangible yet invaluable element to the partnership. This can help shape the customer experience and set your brand apart.


In conclusion, personalised, reliable and flexible service is a vital component of today’s business landscape, particularly when it relates to collaboration between brands and suppliers. Businesses are increasingly recognising that the strength of a partnership lies not just in the product delivered, but also in the level of service provided.

While technical expertise and attention to detail are critical in luxury packaging, in this interconnected world, where customer loyalty is hard-won, exceptional service has the power to make a lasting impact, creating a truly memorable and elevated brand experience.

Establishing a strong working relationship that goes beyond the transactional can enable exceptional results and added value for customers. By prioritising reliability, communication, responsiveness, resourcefulness, flexibility, and respect, suppliers can cultivate enduring relationships that drive increased success for their clients.



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