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May 30, 2023

Consistency & Innovation – Finding the Balance in Packaging

As brands respond to the broader global context in which they now exist, so the packaging in which they’re showcased needs to change and evolve.

“These changes may be motivated by internal forces – the aspiration of reaching new consumers and new markets, or external forces – the necessity of adapting to, or even pre-empting a changing global order. Regardless, the efficacy of the changes and the evolution brought about can play a critical role in a brand’s success,” says Patrick Leclezio, Director of Product Development and Innovation at IPL Packaging.

Even as brands bring out new iterations of the same product line, so packaging design companies and suppliers can help them in balancing the need for consistency (meeting present expectations) with the need to evolve and innovate their packaging (meeting expectations in the future).

The Arran Limited Edition Tins are embossed tins with full colour offset brand detail. A range of colourful rigid board packaging solutions for Tobermory.  @iplpackaging

Overall, packaging suppliers play a vital role in helping brands balance new consumer demands and their own objectives, whilst also maintaining their established and recognisable brand identities. After all, the most successful brands are often the most recognisable.

By conducting thorough research and analysis, collaborating closely with brands, creating innovative designs, considering the entire product lifecycle, and communicating the sustainability story, the packaging supplier can add significant value and assist in achieving brand goals. The successful interplay between maintaining brand consistency and embracing innovation is key.

“We’re continuously focused on adding value to the long-standing relationships that we’ve nurtured. These relationships are symbiotic. If our clients thrive, so do we,” says Leclezio. “It’s become a primary objective to enhance our packaging offerings over time, whether by way of dramatic new concepts, or small incremental improvements,” explains Leclezio. “By striving for a deep understanding of our client’s brands, and the industries in which they operate, we enable ourselves to deliver authentic, effective enhancements that can genuinely impact brand performance.”

Designing Packaging for a New Era

“One of the great challenges currently facing most of our clients today is sustainability,’ states Leclezio. “In the past, achieving sustainability goals was not the pressing issue it is now. However, today, when we look at new iterations of a product line, it is one of the critical factors taken into account”.

“In producing the latest iteration of the Dewar’s Double Double 36YO pack we assisted our client in achieving their objective of plastic-free packaging by proposing and developing rubber alternatives for the box’s plastic component. We also completely re-engineered the rebound mechanism (used on the drawer) in metal, retaining brand consistency whilst improving the customer experience.”

The Dewar’s Double Double 36-Year-Old pack is deep-grained and maple veneered with a cobalt pre-dyed finish in gloss. It also contains copper anodised metallic brand detail with fabric-lined interior fitments. @iplpackaging

“In a similar vein, we recently developed a unique shipper carton divider for one of our clients. This innovation may seem mundane but this divider will allow them to ship a super-premium, elaborately decorated rigid box, naked within the shipper, without any risk of transit damage to the pack, effectively eliminating the packing materials, including plastics, that had previously been necessary,” says Leclezio. “These changes communicate to the consumer that a brand is serious about sustainability; making change work whilst still keeping the brand messaging, look and feel recognisable and consistent.”

“On a larger scale, we proposed a concept to Glengoyne that has served as the basis for their 25YO and 30YO pack designs for the last 3 years. The concept involved re-imagining the lifecycle of their packaging, by introducing the incentive and the facility for the pack to be reused as a keepsake cabinet,” he says. “This concept won Glengoyne the 2020 Green Packaging Award at The Drinks Business Green Awards and has ostensibly impressed consumers with its inventiveness and purposefulness.


The award-winning Glengoyne 30-Year-Old was required to reflect the similarities of the previous packs, for brand continuity purposes and, of course, incorporate the all-important second-use function. @iplpackaging

“It’s gratifying to create or be involved in creating show-stopping packaging, but we take pride in whatever contribution we can make, be it big or small, that can make a difference to our clients. We’ll continue to focus our attention and our resources on delivering this value. It comes from being passionate about packaging and it’s central to who we are.”

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