October 27, 2020

The Past, Savoured in the Present – Bowmore

“A Timeless Creation. Defined, Shaped and Crafted by the Sands of Time” are the words etched into the packaging encasing Bowmore’s first annual limited edition 30-year-old single malt release.

Taking inspiration from the terrain that surrounds the Islay distillery, with cues from the detailed markings on driftwood and whisky casks to the refined polish of sea glass, the packaging solution, manufactured by IPL Packaging, is in perfect congruence with Bowmore’s “The Art of Time” campaign.



Bowmore gets new colours

Launched earlier this year, the global campaign introduced a striking new colour palette and visual feel, inspired by both Islay’s varied and diverse coastal landscape and the very essence of the whisky itself. 

The packaging solution for the 30 YO reinforces the story of how Bowmore whiskies benefit from the power of time, becoming more beautiful and precious over the years.

In combining the naturally weathered look of wood on the exterior of the box with an oceanic-toned side panel reminiscent of sea glass, the packaging is a reflection of how natural elements are able to work in harmony with one another to shape complexity and richness of character.  



Bowmore limited edition pack

Communicating quality at every touchpoint, copper hinges allow for 180-degree opening of the pack and reveal a recessed copper plaque located in the interior lid. Evocative of the distillery’s copper stills, the plaque details the tasting notes of the burnished gold spirit contained within. 

David Turner, Bowmore Distillery Manager, commented: “By adding an ongoing 30-Year-Old Bowmore to the portfolio, we are able to showcase how vital time spent in cask shapes and influences our spirit, making it even more exceptional and characterful.  Each annual release will tell the rich stories of Bowmore, but importantly each will have their own unique style and character. 

“As for this release, this is another perfect example of classic Bowmore but with boundless depth and intrigue reflecting the long-standing interaction of spirit and wood,” he concludes.

Limited to only 2580 bottles, Bowmore 30 YO is now available across a select number of whisky specialist customers.

Images: © David Turfitt


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