November 19, 2020

SMWS Tasting Pack – A Luxury Packaging Awards Finalist

Here’s a closer look at another of our packaging solutions nominated as a Finalist in the category: Luxury Drinks: Secondary Pack at this year’s Luxury Packaging Awards: 

 “We’re proud to have, once again, designed and developed a structural packaging solution for the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) Tasting Pack, the 5th iteration of the pack’s design and development by IPL Packaging,” says LB Odendaal, Head of Design at IPL.

Combining innovation with functional minimalism, the latest evolution of the pack, developed for the world’s leading whisky club, is a robust MDF box containing rigid board drawers. 

The outer pack is wrapped in soft-touch paper and features gold foil and spot-varnished branding details to provide a luxurious, contrasting look. A PU leather carry-handle at top of the pack allows for ease of transport.

SMWS tasting pack


In the first drawer sits a paper-wrapped product card with detailed brand information and a membership booklet that conceals three 10cl whisky taster bottles located in flocked EVA fitments. The second drawer of the pack also contains flocked EVA fitments designed to hold two tasting glasses and a water jug.

“We designed a complete unveiling process that maps out layers of engagement; including first contact, reveal, product extraction and post-extraction and results in a memorable, tactile interface to ultimately deliver a memorable user experience,” says Odendaal.


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