November 26, 2020

TULLIBARDINE 15YO – A Luxury Packaging Awards Finalist

A look at another of our packaging solutions nominated as a finalist in this year’s Luxury Packaging Awards – Luxury Drinks, Secondary Pack, as well as a bit about the esteemed Highland Distillery of Tullibardine itself.

For Tullibardine’s 15-Year-Old, recently awarded a Double Gold medal at the prestigious 2020 International Spirits Challenge, IPL produced a packaging solution as beguiling as the expression itself. 

The unfeigned simplicity of the paper-wrapped rigid board pack is enhanced by the varnish printed graphic depicting the beautiful, agricultural Scottish landscape. 

TULLIBARDINE 15YO – A Luxury Packaging Awards Finalist


A striking paper-wrapped rigid board buck-lock closure (complete with gold foil brand detailing) holds the double-door pack front closed. Upon opening these, one reveals the UV varnish and gold foil brand details on the inner doors and the splendid single malt contained within.

This remarkable Single Malt, distilled after the reopening of the distillery in 2003, is as full-flavoured and rich in character as the history of the location itself.

TULLIBARDINE 15YO – A Luxury Packaging Awards Finalist


Named after the nearby village of Tullibardine, the distillery originally began as a brewery back in the 15th Century or earlier, and supplied the beer for the 15-year-old King James IV’s coronation feast in 1488. It continued as a brewery through the centuries, passing through many hands, but was re-built in 1947 as a distillery by the Welsh architect William Delme Evans. The site was later closed for many years before finally reopening in 2003. 

Tullibardine is now one of the few distilleries in Scotland to distill, mature and bottle on-site, in the age-old, handcrafted way, giving it complete control over the whisky-making process.


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