November 12, 2020

Should packaging companies consider the visually-impaired more?

Products should be accessible to as wide a range of consumers as possible within a target audience. Packaging could be an important tool to aid inclusivity, especially when it comes to those with visual challenges. This issue should perhaps be taken into consideration by brands during the design stage of their packaging. 

Within a target audience, there are those with visual impairments who can still appreciate design choices and stylistic elements. Is it time that packaging starts to take these consumers more into account? These sorts of considerations will also help to differentiate a brand from its competitors for the right reasons and instill vital brand loyalty in saturated markets.

Inclusivity is easier with smart packaging

Smart packaging makes use of various modern technologies to improve consumer interactions with a product. With these technologies, the use of a product can become much easier for those with visual impairments. Audio messages could, for example, be used to allow for better access to the brand and its messaging as well as access to better product information. Similarly, LED lights may assist those with partial sight to better read important messaging.

Packaging for visually-impaired consumers


Raised symbols for the visually-impaired

Tactile elements are one way to appeal to visually-impaired end-users. Packaging can easily include braille for blind consumers but because a relatively low percentage of these consumers can actually read braille, brands need to consider other methods of engagement too.

Brands should think about using raised standard symbols on their packaging to allow visually-impaired consumers to touch and understand the product better. This can be done by embossing and debossing, or through other forming processes. Tactile universal symbols would allow these buyers to feel what they are holding and as well as have better information for the kind of product contained within the packaging.

Similarly, branding and QR codes could be raised so that these consumers could feel the company name and know where to scan their smartphone to use the audio technologies that then become available. 

Accessibility appeals to consumers

Modern society is more aware of the needs of others, especially those in younger generations. A study by Accenture showed that 51% of millennials (consumers born between the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s) are more likely to buy products from brands that demonstrate awareness of inclusion and other social or environmental issues.

To be successful in our fast-changing world and marketplace, brands and products must consider the values that are becoming more important. Acknowledging those impaired consumers through thoughtful packaging choices would win over consumers across the spectrum.


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