December 8, 2020

Kindred Spirits – Glengoyne Single Malt

Packaging developed for the recently released 25YO and 30YO Glengoyne single malts reflect the brand’s “unhurried” approach to whisky making, with references to the passage of time and the appreciation of craftsmanship.

“Earlier this year IPL Packaging was approached by Glengoyne, in partnership with Bristol-based agency Taxi Studios, to design and produce packaging for their 25YO and 30YO Single Malt,” says Esté van der Merwe, Senior Graphic Designer at IPL Design.

Kindred Spirits - Glengoyne Single Malt


“Both packs of course needed to reflect similarities for brand continuity purposes – and also ideally to incorporate a second use function,” explains Esté. “We set out to create two simple yet striking packs that, through the addition of carefully selected design elements, would reflect the role time plays in the distilling process.”

These elements of time were introduced through a swivel-and-pin closure mechanism designed to resemble a clock’s minute hand. The 25YO features a wood grain veneer and matte finish. The 30YO pack is slightly elevated through a subtle difference in materials, finishes and colouring. The pack is comprised of oak, with an oak veneer and features a die-cut, gold-coloured aluminium hour hand inlaid into the side of the box. The 25YO has a similar feature, yet this is laser-engraved. In this way, the packs work collectively but to the discerning eye, the nuances of different finishes are evident, much like the nuances of the whiskies themselves.

Kindred Spirits - Glengoyne Single Malt


“A branded aluminium plaque, complete with a gold finish, is located on the door of each box. This is removable and able to be replaced with a separate, unbranded plaque, situated in a side pocket located on the inner door. To remove and secure the plaques a unique thumb screw shaped like a watch crown has been employed, which further accentuates the reference to time,” explains Esté. “The recognisable Glengoyne goose feather pattern is subtly brought in through a textured emboss into the velvet fabric to further incorporate the rich brand heritage. Laser-engraved brand detailing also features on the top of the packs,” she says.

“Inside each of the boxes, the EVA bottle fitment is covered in more of the velvet fabric. A paper-label appliqué on the inner fitment tells of the Glengoyne brand ethos and story,” comments Esté. “The consumer has the ability to remove these inner fitments, engrave their own design on the blank front plaque provided, and then to reuse the pack as they see fit.”


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