August 2, 2019

Sustainable by Design – Conceptual Drinks Packaging


The IPL Design and Innovations team, motivated to develop and explore creative ideas centred on sustainable premium eco-packaging for the spirits market, created a packaging solution with some seriously strong eco-friendly credentials.

“Seeking to create a simple yet highly effective sustainable drinks pack solution, we designed a flat-packable rigid board drinks pack wrapped in recycled and uncoated craft paper,” explains Caylin Van Der Walt, IPL Packaging’s lead graphic designer on the project. ”The pack was specifically created with a unique integrated buckle closure in order to eliminate reliance on magnets or metal fasteners. A single colour, soy-based ink was used for the brand detailing and was combined with embossing to effect a simple yet striking finish.”

“The interior of the pack features a rigid board bottle fitment,” says van der Walt, “and a fold-over sidewall structure that also remove the need for glue or extra fasteners to hold the structure together. Additionally, water soluble glue was used in the lamination of the paper.”

“Utilising rigid board as a packaging material is often the ideal way to bridge the gap between environmental concerns and the genuine need for packaging, whilst also providing adequate product protection,” she continues. “As a sustainable solution, the rigid board’s strength and flexibility enables it to prevent damage throughout the supply chain while also promoting shelf appeal and supporting a huge range of structural designs and finishes.’’ 

“Environmental and societal benefits are not the only incentives for eco-centric packaging innovations,” says LB Odendaal, Head of Design and Innovation at IPL Packaging. “At IPL we believe that, as leading companies increasingly address the global waste challenge and shift their packaging strategies towards sustainable and innovative design, they can also succeed in unlocking new revenue streams and creating competitive advantages within their industry.”

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