April 23, 2021

A New USA Address

IPL Packaging is happy to move into our new office and showroom on the East Coast of the USA. It’s in Westchester County, adjacent to New York City (a 45 minute commute from Manhattan) and convenient to virtually anywhere. 

“In the face of profound change in work and commuting patterns, we see the new offices as a way to offer greater accessibility and flexibility to so many of our clients,” says Michael De Carvalho, IPL Senior Business Development Director. 

“In discussions with existing clients we understand that many employees will return to the office, though not necessarily ‘as before’,” he says. “The pandemic has highlighted how people in many industries can work remotely in a productive manner. Despite this, there is growing recognition that being able to spend face time together adds much benefit to a project, especially at the ideation and innovation stage,” he says. 

“As a global packaging supplier, this means adapting to and adopting new ways of working and servicing these clients, including the ability to sit down and physically review samples together in a great environment.”

New address in the USA offers more convenience

“We need to remain physically present and available to those clients still working at home in the suburbs (many from areas such as Westchester County) and yet also remain in close proximity to NYC where, effectively, almost every major company has an established presence,” states De Carvalho. “City-based clients value a quick commute that enables them to gain further insight into our processes and review briefs and prototypes face-to-face and in real-time.” 

“Events, expos and conferences are being booked up from Fall, we’re working on some exciting holiday and ‘counter’ projects for the beauty and cosmetics industry and the tech side of our packaging business is also thriving,” he says. “We’re witnessing the economy opening up and vaccination roll-out progressing and, at IPL, we’re happy to tap into this more optimistic new energy.”

“Together with our presence on the West Coast and our teams in the Mid-West we look forward to continuing to successfully support and grow our US-based market and their global affiliates with exceptional end-to-end packaging solutions.”


340 US-202

Suite D

Somers, NY. 10589


M |  +1 914 334 0972

T |  +1 914 902 0319


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