April 21, 2022

Shakes, Rattles and Rolls

One of the most vital elements protecting a product from structural or environmental damage is the packaging in which it ships. Whichever packaging substrate is employed, the utmost care needs to be taken to ensure the packaging meets requirements to avoid damage during transit.

Packaging and Quality Control experts are proficient in the requirements and steps needed to take to ensure product integrity during shipment. Transit or Packaging Testing offers brands, retailers and manufacturers the best means to anticipate how products will perform in shipping – and can also evaluate whether any sustainability changes (i.e newer and have more eco-friendly packaging alternatives) have jeopardised the protective quality of the packaging.

Key Benefits of Packaging Testing

  • Protect and Safeguard the Product;
  • Save on Costs. Each Time a Product is Damaged During Shipping, Money;
  • Strengthen Customer Satisfaction;
  • Reduce the Need for Trial Shipments;
  • Reduce Product Claim Headaches;
  • On-going production monitoring, product design changes for sustainability efforts or other reasons.


Packaging testing can be done at many stages of the product cycle: prior to new product launch, with new packaging redesigns, when product damage is an issue in your company, or when your clients require testing. The best way to prepare is to include testing as early in the packaging design as possible.

Testing for package product integrity and performance is conducted by certified packaging laboratory professionals to a wide variety of ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) performance testing procedures. ISTA is an international organisation dedicated to improving packaging methods – a leader in specifications for the testing of packaged products worldwide.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text uncode_shortcode_id=”195792″]At IPL, an in-house Quality Control Team oversees all Transit Testing – which falls into 4 overarching categories.

Below are prime examples of each – though this is by no means all of the tests conducted:


  • Coating adhesion (Handred Grid) testing to evaluate the performance of paint/electroplated coatings;
  • Alcohol resistance testing to assess ink solubility in alcohol;
  • Sutherland Rub to evaluate the abrasion resistance of paper-wrapped coatings;
  • UV light fastness testing to evaluate the light-fastness of coatings;
  • Scotch 3M Tap test to determine adhesion of foils, varnish, paints etc.


  • Bottle fitting to ensure filled bottles can be held securely when placed both upward and inverted;
  • Bottle Pull strength tests to determine the extraction force required by the consumer;
  • Clasp function to ensure optimum operability;
  • Magnetic Flux strength to verify the gauss value and ensure any magnetic component function effectively.



  • Sharp edge testing to assess the risk of puncture or scratches that may arise under normal or reasonable use;
  • Lid and Base strength tests to ensure product safety;
  • Hinges, handle and neck fitment strength tests;
  • Mildew test to assess whether flocked or microfiber parts face being compromised under wet atmospheric conditions;
  • Odour tests to ensure product is unharmful to human health;
  • Salt Spray tests to assess whether any metallic components are prone to oxidation or rust under prolonged wet weather conditions.

Are your packages being handled with care? 



  • Shock testing (Unit and Carton) to assess handling, drop and impact;
  • Vibration testing to assess transportation vibration;
  • Torque Testing to assess the impact of twisting force of parts is reasonable;
  • Atmosphere testing to assess environmental effects (temperature, humidity, and pressure);
  • ECT (comprehensive resistance) test to assess whether the material of the shipper/Outer meets the requirements of usage.

Each and every packaging solution entails detailed audits, supervision of production lines and verified outputs in order to achieve the exacting standards brands have come to expect in a competitive global marketplace. Packaging suppliers and partners must adhere to the highest standards in product safety and reliability, safe working conditions, fair treatment of workers, and environmentally safe manufacturing and transportation of products.


IPL Packaging is a global luxury packaging supplier with offices in the USA, Europe, Mexico, Asia and Africa. Approved manufacturing is available in several Asian countries, as well as sites in Eastern Europe. We create bespoke, tailored and exclusive packaging for any premium or luxury brand and lead the entire process, from conceptualisation and design to production and delivery.

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