February 25, 2021

Crystal Gazing: the box that heroes the jewellery

“Simple, innovative and interactive – these are the words best associated with memorable, effective jewellery packaging design,” says Skye King, Senior Industrial Designer at IPL Packaging. “Here too, the unboxing experience forms a vital part of the overall impression of a jewellery item and, of course, the brand itself.“ 

“It’s about creating packaging that perfectly aligns with the brand,” she continues, “that prolongs the joy of the unwrapping experience – perhaps with the addition of an extra layer to the process and, of course, utilising a packaging design that best ‘heroes’ the item of jewellery contained within it,” she says. 

“Survey results have shown that increased interactive complexity in packaging and unboxing can lead to higher expectations of the product quality. Elements of a multi-layered, interactive unboxing experience can elicit positive emotions, which can then increase consumers’ willingness to share the experience online and offline,” says King.

ARK wearable tech jewellery by IPL Packaging



Ark Crystal jewellery box offers unique unboxing experience

A packaging product, produced by IPL Packaging for Ark Crystal’s ‘wearable technology, consciously designed’ pendants, is an example of a solution that successfully ticks the interactive unboxing experience!

Here the client design was interpreted into a striking hexagonal jewellery box complete with walnut veneered lid and base panels. 

Ark pendants feature new technology



The outer box features a laser-engraved logo on the lid and a protective felt base.  Once opened, the lid of the case reveals sumptuous black suede lining with the Ark logo in silkscreen and an exposed magnet closure system.

A removable fitment cover forms the second layer of the unboxing experience, in which the recipient extracts a 6mm thick MDF hexagonal structure, wrapped in black suede, to reveal the pendant contained beneath.

Close-up details of the Ark jewellery box



The pendant is held within in a removable inner fitment with a wrapped suede recess base featuring a V-shaped finger hole on the one side and a black satin ribbon on the base of the box to assist with extraction. This inner fitment, or ‘the third layer’, elegantly transforms into a display mechanism that glorifies the pendant itself.

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