November 27, 2020

(Re)imagine packaging: 50 shades of the future

At IPL Packaging, we spend a lot of time working on and refining other people’s brands and products. Often, we are tasked to design secondary packaging that will reflect commercial objectives while keeping the brand’s stated positioning in mind. Now is a really exciting time for IPL; our marketing team has been tasked with developing messaging that showcases our new branding, as well as to portray some of our own key objectives.

We want our business partners and potential customers to know that we are focused on what is relevant today but, importantly, we are also looking at what will be significant tomorrow. We want to reinforce our own understanding of this ever-changing world and ensure that we remain innovative in the future. This will ensure that we remain a competitive supplier in the luxury packaging industry going forward.

The future of IPL Packaging

The future of IPL Packaging


“Packaging that gives you a glimpse of the future” is a strong statement to make. In developing the visual message, we agreed on a modern-looking materials with reflective qualities that would reinforce this positioning. As a fun part of the exercise, we asked our design team to portray this same message but by using different materials and textures.

This highlights how the nature of a substrate can have an impact on a brand’s identity and the perception of a pack. Certain materials will suit modern messaging, while others are more suited to traditional values. Some materials indicate a high value, while others show off eco-friendly credentials.

While this exercise was a bit of lighthearted rendering from our talented visual team, it does underpin the fact that there are 50 shades (and more) of packaging possibilities for developers to consider when determining how best to strengthen their own brand message. The choices available to luxury brands today are almost endless.


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