February 5, 2021

Antimicrobial coating for packaging launched

A new antimicrobial coating has been developed to protect packages and handlers from bacteria and viruses. In the midst of Covid-19, this protective coating, called Matter, is said to be 99.9% effective against a number of microbes that may land on the surface of a pack.

While antimicrobial coatings are not a new invention (they have been used in the food packaging industry to improve shelf-life), this is a potentially groundbreaking step for luxury packaging and other consumer goods, such as skincare products, fragrances and other premium products.

The coating uses silver ions to provide protection against germs, viruses and fungi. It can be applied to surfaces of shipping boxes and numerous packaging materials, including paper, glass, plastics, metals and textiles. The coating can be aqueous or solvent-based, which allows it to be easily applied to a number of different surfaces.

Antimicrobial coating for packaging launched


The creation of the antimicrobial coating

Matter was created by the US-based branding agency Designsake Studio. It was developed in order to increase protection for delivery workers and the consumers who interact with packaging. Many microbes are able to survive for hours on various surfaces, but Matter prevents these microbes from metabolising and living.

The risk of spreading diseases and infections is still a possibility when it comes to the growing need for online shopping and product delivery. Packaging can now be a primary tool in the fight against viruses and make products safer for all who come into contact with them.

Matter is also environmentally-friendly; retaining the recyclability of packaging materials was a key component of its development. It also works for the duration of the product’s lifetime and does not impact the usability or aesthetic of the product or packaging design.

Matter is an antimicrobial coating for packagong


Reduce the need for sanitizers and disinfectants

Hand sanitizers and pocket disinfectants have become a necessity. However, the sheer number of these hygienic products being produced has resulted in a massive increase in plastic waste – much of which ends up in landfills. Rubber gloves and hand soap sales have also spiked in the last year.

People have been stockpiling soaps, gloves and sanitizers, but this antimicrobial coating could result in the need for all of these precautions and disinfectant products. It also cuts the need for laborious disinfecting routines on groceries and consumer goods packaging, including luxury products.

Most importantly, it can help to minimise buyers’ fear of the products that they have delivered to their homes. An effective antimicrobial package will help to instill trust in a product and allow the user to accept a parcel and open it immediately. Packaging is a high-touch surface, so ensuring its safety for consumers is a must.

While this new coating isn’t a solution, nor a cure to Covid-19, it does address many challenges and potential hazards when it comes to the spread of viruses and harmful microbes. It helps to relieve consumer concerns and protect delivery workers in an environmentally-friendly way.

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