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Rosebank Single Malt Collection

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Produced by IPL Packaging, Rosebank Whisky, a renowned producer of Lowland single malts, has recently introduced its latest series of single malts, each elegantly encased in its signature luxury packaging solutions.


This packaging for Rosebank Whisky underscores the brand’s commitment to revitalisation and innovation in the industry, demonstrating how practicality can intertwine with luxury in designs that captivate modern consumers.

Rosebank Distillery_The Revival_Chapter 1 Front Pack
Rosebank Distillery_The Revival_Chapter 1 Top Pack
Rosebank Distillery_The Revival_Chapter 1 aluminium screw-thread closures
Rosebank Distillery_The Revival_Chapter 1 laser engraved
Rosebank Distillery_The Revival_Chapter 1 Label

The sophisticated wood-veneered MDF cylinders capture the essence of Rosebank with their laser engraved, black ink-filled rose imagery. These design elements not only embody the Rosebank identity but also elevate the presentation of the first expression in Rosebank’s Revival Series, titled “Chapter One,” which prominently displays the distillery’s logo and branding.


The cylinders are equipped with copper anodised aluminium screw-thread closures that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the packs and also differentiate the lid from the base with ease. Inner screw fitments are engraved and ink-filled, adding a subtle but luxurious touch and attention to detail.

Rosebank Distillery_The Revival_32 year old
Rosebank Distillery_The Revival_32 year old logo
Rosebank Distillery_The Revival_32 year old debossed inner linings
Rosebank Distillery_The Revival_32 year old screw-thread closure
Rosebank Distillery_The Revival_32 year old laser engraving

The top of each pack is elegantly finished with an inlaid metal (copper) ring, accompanied by screen-printed branding that enhances the visual appeal and brand recognition. The base of each cylinder is thoughtfully designed with either MDF or copper-colored aluminium. Certain packs in the series include a copper or red-coloured aluminium plaque, curved to fit the cylindrical shape


Inside, the cylinders feature debossed fabric-wrapped inner linings and EVA fitments, whilst the undersides of each cylinder feature the matching, to prevent surface damage.

Rosebank Distillery_China Exclusive
Rosebank Distillery_laser engraving
Rosebank Distillery_China Exclusive 2
Rosebank Distillery_debossed fabric-wrapped inner linings
Rosebank Distillery_lid