Pernod Ricard

Royal Salute – The Time Series


Produced by IPL Packaging, the ultra-exclusive Time Series crystal decanter is encased in an exquisite wooden box. The case consists of five layers of wood, each layer representing both a decade of maturing for the whisky and a different age from the life of the wood. The carefully patterned interior took inspiration from the oldest measure of time – the sundial.

The wooden box has been meticulously built from five layers of oak to represent the five decades it took to create the blend.


There are diamond-shaped electroformed aluminium plaque on the outer and inner lid of the case.


The box features a pull ribbon for easy opening, and discreetly concealed round magnets secured beneath the veneer ensure a secure closure.


Furthermore, two electroplated gold-coloured metal hinges allow for a 180-degree opening, providing a perfect display of the exquisite bottle within.


With a release of only 101, Time Series is a truly unique collector’s item.