Sugarfina Hollywood Boxes

Sugarfina Hollywood Boxes_Cruising Car and Movie Theatre
Sugarfina Hollywood Boxes_Cruising Car
Sugarfina Hollywood Boxes_Movie Theatre
Sugarfina Hollywood Boxes_Walk of Fame

Embark on a cinematic journey with Sugarfina’s limited edition Tasting Collection, proudly produced by IPL Packaging.


Clear PET windows offer a glimpse into the multi-layered, die-cut dioramas within, creating a pop-up effect that adds depth and dimension.


The boxes are finished with an anti-scratch lamination, providing durability and preserving the vibrant visual elements along with the spot-varnished product imagery that adorns the back of each pack.


Pull-out drawers reveal a selection of gourmet candies, hidden behind gold-foiled, starry ‘Walk of Fame’-style perforated windows.

Sugarfina Hollywood Boxes_Hollywood Skyline
Sugarfina Hollywood Boxes_Gold Foil Details
Sugarfina Hollywood Boxes_Gold Foils
Sugarfina MGM Grand Box
Sugarfina MGM Grand Box