Echlinville – The Beginning


IPL Packaging designed and created an exquisite presentation box for “The Beginning” by Echlinville.


The presentation box is truly a masterpiece, crafted with a wood veneer and featuring a sophisticated side-split opening. Its design incorporates a copper metallised latch closure and piano hinges, subtly echoing the copper stills integral to the distillery’s whiskey production.


The exterior is elegantly adorned with laser-etched, ink-filled metallic branding, adding a layer of depth and refinement. A raised metal coat of arms is prominently featured, imparting a regal touch, while intricate screen-printing further enhances the textural intricacies of the design.

Where functionality meets elegance, the box’s custom two-part copper metallic interlocking handle ensures secure closure and ease of transport. Opening the box unveils internal doors that lead to a second layer of discovery, embellished with copper foil detailing that recounts the rich history and legacy of Echlinville.


Inside, the box is lined with paper-wrapped side panels and reverse-printed acrylic back panels that showcase sepia-toned images from Echlinville’s past. The whiskies are carefully secured with pin-style bottle yokes, ensuring both stability and prominence in this remarkable display.