The Never-ending ‘Reveal’

Never ending reveal ipl packaging luxury packaging

The explosive growth of e-commerce and direct-to-customer shipments is placing increased emphasis on ‘unboxing’ the brand!

“It’s clear that packaging is now one of the most vital branding elements to an e-commerce business’s survival and brand fulfillment process.”

”It promotes recurring clientele, it facilitates the unboxing (‘reveal’) experience and, perhaps most importantly, it’s able to transform a luxury product into a lifestyle because, in most instances, a lifestyle is what today’s ecommerce customer is really buying!” continues LB Odendaal, Design and Innovations Manager at IPL Packaging.

“Take a look at the ‘unboxing’ phenomenon that’s been taking place on YouTube and other social media platforms over the past decade or so. Many of these videos have well over a million views. It’s a never-ending reveal process! What this shows is that, putting time and effort into quality packaging, be it for e-commerce or otherwise, can lead to huge reach and return on investment.”

When your product is shared online, however, the brand itself has little control of how it’s presented. Customers have no brand style-guide, no list of do’s and don’ts. With quality packaging, however, you’re providing your clientele with not only a package they want to share but also a type of blueprint for how the product should be presented. In fact, when conceiving of your packaging design, its shareability should also be considered.

“An important goal connected to focusing on end-consumers is delivering a positive unboxing experience,” says LB. “Aligning with partners and suppliers with access to the technology used to conduct testing, obtain certifications, share best practices and solve common problems will help enhance the consumer experience.”

“For bespoke USA-based online floral and delivery company, Via Florelle, for example, IPL Packaging recently created a rigid board box suitable for the hand-delivery of exquisite long stemmed-roses,” he explains. ”Die-cuts at the bottom of the box allow for necessary airflow, whilst separate foam dividers (covered in waterproof fabric) prevent the roses from shifting once packed and create a stunning visual effect.”

“We look forward to driving constant innovation and development in this sector, supporting those brands and manufacturers who view online purchasing as the future of retail and are investing in e-commerce-supportive packaging solutions to gain a competitive edge and drive consumer loyalty.”