Do feelings of goodwill and ‘old-fashioned’ values assist with packaging longevity?

Towards the end of 2017, as the season got jolly, holidays rounded the corner and big brands revealed festive packaging designs, so IPL Packaging sent out their seasonal gift boxes.

“The idea behind this year’s custom designed boxes was to create something interactive and appealing and that would also essentially function as a gift itself,” explains LB Odendaal, IPL Packaging Innovation and Design Manager.

“We wanted to gift people with something beautiful and creative; that would incorporate subtle experiential elements and tap into universal feelings of goodwill and old fashioned values, allowing the box longevity as a display piece as something to be re-gifted with pride,” says LB. “After all, packaging and presentation add to the excitement and experience of receiving a gift and are simultaneously reflective of what IPL Packaging are all about. “More and more too,” he adds “as consumers, we’re placing value on those products that blend technology and innovation with traditional, old-fashioned values and traditions.”

The gift box, constructed using an ash wood frame, was designed and manufactured in rigid board with a white paper wrap. The box was coated in a rainbow-transparent UV varnish to add a seasonal sparkle, with symbols such as snowflakes and stars also playing subtly on the festive theme. The double-door style box lid featured a buckle-type opening mechanism.

On opening the two-part, silver foil-wrapped buckle, each recipient was treated with the impression of looking through a frosted window onto a snowy 3-dimensional winter scene. “We wanted to feature a universal holiday scene – something delightful and nostalgic. We were therefore careful to keep the outer part of the box simple in order to make the image reveal more magical and impactful,” says LB, explaining that the dimensional effect of the wintery scene was created utilising 3 separate layers of embossed and varnished print over which an acetate window with wintery ‘frosting’ was place. Beneath the window, a customised drawer held a number of sweet treats and confections, as well as a seasonal greeting card.

“Our team is often called upon to develop seasonal themed packaging solutions for some of the world’s best known brands, but instances like these provide a wonderful opportunity for us to design and develop something that gives a little magic back to those companies and individuals whose ongoing support we so value,” he concludes

Issued by: IPL Packaging
Date: February 2018