Our Favourite Packaging Designs of 2018

Our IPL design team thrives on innovative challenges, believing every great product deserves standout packaging that both speaks and sells.
We’re constantly inspired by the packaging designs we see every day and, whilst some may not appear immediately visually arresting, we continue to admire and appreciate them for so many varied reasons.
Here we share some of their favourite, most inspiring designs of 2018:



Proof that a neutral colour palette can be just as impactful as a brightly colourful one. Muted tones create the ultimate backdrop for the foiled and UV varnished areas to really ‘pop’.
The pack, manufactured by Domen Print, perfectly balances traditional Japanese artistry (illustration style) with modern, up-to-date techniques.
Simple sophistication!


Picture credit: packagingoftheworld.com
Designed by Never-Never for brand Alexandr & Co, Chrysalis Silk Treasures packs feature selected special textured paper for outer packing with a cocoon depicted in a subtle way so as to highlight the protective nature of  a chrysalis.
The process of unpacking the package is like a metamorphosis, chrysalis to butterfly, the silk-like blossom graphic on inner box showing a ‘newborn beauty’.
A truly beautiful transformation!


Picture credit: thedieline.com
Hinoki (by Nine), the conceptual range of travel-size organic skincare products is made out of biodegradable paper It’s a concept based on simplicity, single-origin, and respect for the renewable material applied to a (currently rather) un-sustainable packaging category.
Hinoki is inspired by the form-language of origami. Each container uses a single piece of laminated paper, a tear-off corner revealing a Hinoki wood twist cap. Such zen-like appeal!



Picture credit: packagingoftheworld.com