Despite the rapid pace of change all around us, we believe the packaging world has been slow to respond to changes in what your customers are looking for and what your business needs.

At IPL Packaging, we’ve taken a step away from the status quo, freeing our thinking to offer you something more responsive, more relevant and more reflective of the new generation in which we’re all living and working.

Next-generation design thinking

The new generation demands a new design mindset. To help your brand succeed, we think beyond the shelf – how good does it look online and on social platforms, and can it replicate the physical theatre of retail in a digital world?

How does it look and feel when it arrives directly in your customers’ homes, and does second use need to be considered? How can technology be incorporated into your packaging design, and what role does hygienic design have to play for you?

Next-generation sustainability

In this new generation, the race is on to find the ultimate balance between aesthetic appeal and sustainable credibility. With sustainability touching every aspect of the packaging process, there can be no stone left unturned in your rigour.

We’re exploring the use of raw materials as packaging mediums – wood, metal, glass, bio-plastics and even corn and vegetable leather. We’re investigating how to restructure production models and implement new technologies to help you integrate more sustainability into your final packaging solutions. We’re finding ways to deliver the responsible packaging that your customers demand today.

Next-generation delivery

From initial design to the moment your product arrives with your customers, we’ll help you find and achieve more efficiency and more value than ever before. Whether it’s faster production times, more flexible, bespoke manufacturing or more localised supply and support, we align our processes to exactly what you need – no matter how complex the requirements.

We’re looking to the future to give you better packaging right now

So you don’t now have to compromise between production quality and speed of service. Or sustainability and design innovation. Or luxury and value. By looking again at the way we approach packaging – from end to end – you can expect them all, without any sacrifices.

However strict your cost parameters, we’ll find a way to work within them. Wherever you need our support, we’ll be right there alongside you. Whenever you have a question, a query or a new idea, we’ll provide informed insight and honest answers.

We’ll give you packaging that’s designed to be different. Today.