Michael De Carvalho: A New Era for Luxury Packaging

“The luxury goods sector typically thrives under the most stressful of conditions but, even in these uncertain times, the ability to tackle challenges and opportunities is what will ultimately set brands apart from competitors and enable them to maintain and strengthen their market positions,” says Michael De Carvalho, newly appointed Senior Business Development Director for IPL. 

Based in New York, De Carvalho brings to his new role at IPL Packaging a wealth of experience that will help to develop and strengthen the company’s unique position as an international supplier of exceptional end-to-end packaging solutions. Highly motivated, De Carvalho has wide range of industry expertise across luxury goods, cosmetics, fragrance, personal care, hair care, spirits and sportswear industries among others. 

“There’s no denying we’re operating in an era of  ‘business as unusual’, with an even more unexpected recovery period thereafter,” explains De Carvalho. “It’s therefore more essential than ever for brands to tap into how consumers’ needs and purchase habits are changing and to ensure these are well met when we come out on the other side,” he says. “In the same way, continuing to produce packaging solutions that deliver product originality, quality and sales performance will provide immense support to these brands as they navigate a new way in these unprecedented times.”

“I believe that several key trends and technologies will shape the packaging industry over the years to come,” he says. “Since Covid lockdowns across the world, air is cleaner, water is cleaner, cities as a whole are cleaner… but it’s a false pretense of what you see front-end and I’m curious about the long term,” he explains. “Now safety factors in packaging will need to dovetail ever more with sustainable qualities, e-commerce will undoubtedly see ever more substantial growth, and brands and businesses will need to focus on all these factors as part of addressing their needs growing forward.”

“Post Covid lockdowns I also see luxury packaging potentially being even more impactful Companies will need to more than ever reach their customer base and bring them back in or to simply thank them for being loyal during this difficult time.  From hotels and resorts to airlines and the sports industry… and so many other segments, a packaging solution that stands out above from your competitors in my opinion will never have been more important.”  

Having already enjoyed considerable success in the industries of Wine & Spirits and Fragrance & Beauty, Technology, Jewellery and Numismatics, IPL Packaging is fast establishing and developing new partnerships with luxury brand owners across further luxury categories and De Carvalho looks forward to helping the company explore further partnership opportunities.

“IPL Packaging works with some of the world’s largest companies and most recognized luxury brands,” continues De Carvalho, “with a global footprint and a significant sales presence in both the United Kingdom and on West coast of the USA, I am immensely excited to be able help expand verticals for the company on the East Coast of the USA and further across North America, and provide strategic direction to past and future clients ” he says. 

One thing is certain, De Carvalho has developed a passion for his work. 

“Twenty years ago, right out of college I found my first job out of an ad in the NY Times, working as a sales rep for a Japanese Packaging company (The Pack Corp). I recall that my initial thinking was ‘I’ll do this for a short time until I find my passion,’“ he says. “Now, two decades and several incredible companies later, I’ve discovered it IS my passion, and I couldn’t be more excited for what is ahead at IPL!”