Welcome to IPL - Analia Torres

Meet IPL’s New Senior Business Development Director

A bit about Analía Torres

Analía Torres joins the IPL Packaging US team as Senior Business Development Director after what she describes as a sad goodbye to the Edelmann Group, as they shut down operations in the USA. Proficient and passionate, Analía is highly experienced in packaging development, negotiations, operations and sales; specializing in the beauty industry.

Q: What do you see the crux of your role?

The key is really getting to know the brand and the people behind it. It’s not just about selling packaging, it’s more about really understanding the customer, their vision, their strategy and how we can best customize our services and product offerings to help them deliver on this.

I enjoy knowing I’ve gained my client’s trust – an honor and agreement I hold in high regard. This is where my passion kicks into full gear; ensuring their project is managed with the utmost attention to detail and best customer service possible.

Q: How do you kick off your workday?

I usually start with a cup of café caliente and a to-do list, put together at the end of the previous workday. I review the list with the calendar for the day and proceed to checking things off.

I truly enjoy the interaction part of sales and am enjoying meeting people face to face again.

Q What do you think client’s value most in a supplier?

Trust and transparency!

The team at IPL really strives to assure clients that their projects are in a safe pair of hands.

As challenges in the global supply chain continue, it’s important we communicate clearly and openly with our clients – enabling them to have confidence in the process by updating them on project progress at each step. Each client has a personal account manager providing weekly updates. The benefit of the personal touch is clear to see.

Q: In what areas of packaging are client’s increasingly interested?

Sustainability continues to be top of the agenda.

I recently had the opportunity to join the US team at the NY LUXE PACK show and watched firsthand the reaction to a Sustainable Material Sample Set that illustrated the same packaging design but interchanging various sustainable material stock options. Visitors were intrigued and impressed with the multiple sustainable options. Many of these they had never considered before. They appreciated being able to feel the materials and view the stock in use as a tangible package.

Q: If you could have anyone else’s job in the company, whose would it be and why?

Although I’m very excited with my new position, because I’m a people person; I love meeting people and getting to understand their unique perspectives. If I could have anyone else’s job in the company I would have to say it would be Lindsay Bonner and Amanda Comeau’s job, on our Client Services team, because I would have first-hand knowledge and experience of how our internal team ensures our customers are satisfied with our production and customer service and in turn, that our sales team is successful!

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