Moriarty Conceptual Design Shines Brightly

“The idea behind the Moriarty tasting pack, a conceptual design, was to give it that special element – a 4th dimension, that would attract and engage consumers as well as provide a compelling sensory experience,” explains LB Odendaal, IPL Packaging Innovation and Design Manager.

The IPL Packaging design team constantly works on new luxury packaging solutions that enable brands to display innovation and creative flair. And, of course, to achieve high-impact results.

In the bright light of day, Moriarty appears as simple, elegant packaging solution with several quality indicators: foil and embossing details, specialty paper-wrap, pull-ribbons and a magnetic closure – elements that communicate craft and quality.
But darkness changes everything. Upon opening the box in a darkened setting, and removing the flocked inner fitment, a special glow-in-the-dark print emerges on what has transformed into a flat-pack tasting sheet.

“We wanted to play to the fact that, in the dark, with your vision encumbered, other senses are heightened,” comments LB. “This means one can often can often better pick up on and savour the different flavours in each whiskey or spirit you’re tasting,” he says. “With this idea in mind, the IPL team decided to add another fun sensory element – incorporating phosphorescent ink for a ‘glow in the dark’ effect.”

“We constructed the wrapped rigid board box in a navy hue with rose-copper foil branding to reflect the high-quality and exclusivity of this conceptual brand. We also created a removable inner vac-form fitment, flocked and designed to hold 4 small spirit bottles,” he says. “Once the vac-form is extracted, however, the box then transforms into a flat-pack tasting sheet that (when charged in sunlight) allows the applied phosphorescent ink to ‘glow in the dark’,” he says.” We specifically applied the ink to the intricate decorative patterning as well as several other design elements in a way that brings the whole tasting sheet to life and also allows the copper branding to be more visible and in the dark.

“We now know that flavour, experience, and therefore brand enjoyment, is influenced by the senses – not just our taste buds – that’s why it’s often so important to design packaging that creates memorable experiences for consumers,” concludes LB.