Juliette Has a Gun

Self-taught and instinctive perfumer, Romano Ricci, the great grandson of celebrated designer Nina Ricci, is the creator behind a range of avant-garde and intoxicating scents named Juliette Has a Gun.

The fragrance brand is said to embody the ‘spirit of female freedom’, approaching perfumery as an art to be presented only through a limited distribution such as concept stores, department stores or specialised perfumeries.

In Romano’s eyes, Shakespeare’s Juliet is no longer pining for her lover from a balcony or lamenting her last name; she’s now armed – with perfume – and she’s out to find pleasure, and maybe even a little revenge.

For this alluring and imaginative brand, IPL translated an existing perfume box design into a luxury range of white lacquered 4mm MDF cases, in five variances.

The epitome of pared-down luxury packaging, the case inners feature white PU leather fitments whilst outers each display a polished silver, gold or copper electroplated metal plaque portraying the separate fragrance names in the collection.

Metallic hinges echo the coloration of each plaque, with the ‘Juliette has a Gun’ brand logo is stamped in the same metallic hue on the inside lid.