Drones to deliver packages to your door?

E-commerce has long been shifting the packaging landscape as the clamor from consumers for products purchased digitally and delivered quickly, evolves. Now, however, a renewed focus on drone-delivery services introduces another aspect of consideration to the retail and packaging industries.

In the USA, the introduction of commercial package delivery is once again climbing the regulatory agenda, with Amazon.com widely believed to be leading the pack in developing this technology. The U.S. has previously been leapfrogged by other countries in terms of progress in this area, particularly by Australia, Singapore and Britain.

In Britain, it’s recently been announced that Amazon-style drone deliveries could be launched within a year, under plans for a radical overhaul of the air traffic control system. For the first time, drones will be able to fly beyond their operators’ line of sight with the development of new technology to track small unmanned devices at low altitude. NATS, the national air traffic control service, said the system announced yesterday would allow drones to safely share Britain’s airspace with conventional aircraft.