Lenticular packaging – exploring new dimensions

It’s been around for 70 years, most often associated with animated characters and storytelling through movement, but its here where the story for lenticular design shifts…

With advancements in software and print technology now making for better and better lenticular quality, the IPL design team investigated this print method as part of a conceptual packaging design created to house a champagne, wine or spirit bottle.  

“Whilst lenticular printing is more often seen in more common applications that include postcards, children’s games, magazine inserts and trade-show giveaways,” says IPL Innovation and Design Manager, LB Odendaal, “the steady maturation of the 3D and lenticular printing market provided us with the motivation to create an upmarket packaging solution that could still reflect a fun, playful element,”

“As a team we wanted to test something we hadn’t worked with before and to familiarise ourselves with the technology, print variations and setup behind a lenticular print process,” explains LB.

As an undertaking, lenticular printing takes multiple images and interlaces them to create a dingle digital file. This file is then printed onto the back of a lenticular lens sheet and, as the viewer turns or moves around the sheet, the separate lenses within the sheet hide the first card and reveal the next image, creating a progressive, moving effect.

“The overall idea was to create a box to hold a champagne bottle; one that could have a secondary purpose, due to its size and transparency, and therefore also be used to hold a light or a candle,” says LB. “Alternatively the box could simply be retained as a decorative keepsake.”

Our graphic designs were laminated onto lenticular lenses of premade molded acrylic and mounted it inside a wood-veneered MDF frame that informed the structure of the box. The box lid was fitted with a magnetic closure, with a flocked vac-form fitment affixed to both the inside of the lid and within the box itself to hold the bottle securely in place.