At IPL Packaging we consistently champion new ideas and innovation, which is why we challenged the third year students at The Stellenbosch Academy of Design & Photography with a somewhat unusual fictional design and packaging project. 



Led by Caylin van Der Walt of the IPL Design Team, students were encouraged to develop a unique upmarket brand identity and packaging solution for the sex toy industry. The students were co-supervised by lecturer Cashandra Willemse.


Intrigued to see how the students would utilise their own unique lens to introduce luxury cues to an industry sector not typically associated with ‘luxury’, the IPL team anticipated some innovative and unexpected premium packaging solutions to emerge. 


They weren’t disappointed! 




By undertaking the project, structured to include a competitive element, students gained a wider insight into challenges of packaging design and the interaction of the multiple disciplines required in the industry.


1st, 2nd and 3rd place were determined based on Concept, Development and Final Execution. Key factors of consideration included visual impact and shelf presence, interesting forms, closures and openings and, of course, appeal to the target market!


“What ultimately defined the ‘Top 3’ student finalists was their commitment to tackling the multiple layers of the project,” explains van der Walt. “Each of their presentations reflected imagination, sound research, well-considered material choices and a thorough development of the concept, branding and structure design.” 



Winning student, Emma Fourie, delivered a product that displayed cohesive design and ‘fluidity’ of all elements, along with a sense of purpose and placement that showed a significant amount of research and consideration had gone into quality and innovation. Second and Third place, Gemma Brown and Natalie Hoal, also answered the brief exceptionally well, employing creative shapes and vibrancy and encouraging consumer interaction.


“The luxury packaging market is, all too often, flooded with predictability,” she says. “So, looking across industries and areas for design cues and inspiration is something the IPL Packaging Design & Innovations team regularly engages in, particularly when it comes to the development of sustainable materials and groundbreaking, eco-effective ideas. 


“For our team it’s often not enough to simply look at the progress being made when in it comes to new ideas. We also look to other sectors where talent and inspiration is rich and deep. We can’t wait for the next inspiring student project to kick off!”