IPL "Rolls" out Further Packaging for DKNY Fragrances

We’ve been thrilled to once again work with DKNY on a reorder for their sought-after 3-pack rollerball offering, creating another cost effective packaging solution with a fresh new visual design to house this popular collection of fragrances by the Estee Lauder Company.

The current packaging design replaces an original folding carton solution and supports a further objective; offering ‘something extra’ (in the form of an easel-type opening and display mechanism) to differentiate the product in a notoriously cluttered and competitive fragrance market.

With crowded physical space ruling out anything too cumbersome or bulky, the IPL design team recreated a compact rigid board box complete with an acetate window. “Unfolding into a unique easel display format, the box contains three sleek, travel-ready rollerball fragrances lodged in an innovative and easy to use press-release vac tray,” explains Patrick Leclezio, IPL’s Head of New Product Development & Innovation.

“The easel-like display of the fragrances provides the ability to successfully exhibit on shelf with the rollerballs visible and to enable consumers to optimally engage with the product, both when the pack is open and when it’s closed,” he says.

This unique approach to the packaging and merchandising of EDP rollerballs allows these fragrances to stand out in the market segment, particularly in a product category acknowledged as difficult to display.