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IPL Perspectives:

Lindsay Bonner & Jason Roberts

This month we spoke with Jason Roberts and Lindsay Bonner in our latest edition of IPL Perspectives.

Jason is a Business Development Director at IPL Packaging in the UK and Lindsay is the Head of Client Services for IPL Packaging in the USA.

To gain a better insight and understand Jason and Lindsay’s perspectives relating to their specific roles within the company, we asked them the question:

Which issues do you perceive brands and packaging suppliers are having to tackle differently in the post-pandemic reality?

Read their responses below.

Jason Roberts | Business Development Director

I’ve witnessed two major shifts to emerge from ‘the COVID years.’

The first has been a near collapse of the traditional retail space as we knew it. Lockdowns and self-imposed isolations have resulted in buyers becoming increasingly used to shopping online. The ease that now comes with being able to easily return items has enabled customers to speculate far more when it comes with their buying choices.

With e-commerce now arguably the B2C mainstay, brands are having to adapt in order to recreate the magic of the retail buying experience digitally and within a customer’s personal space. Packaging, with its ability for multi-faceted, layered reveals and unboxing experiences can offer that and more…adding real value to the brand and potentially, engendering loyalty too.

The second shift has been in sourcing and procurement and a shift away from the more traditional supply routes to more responsive, agile and adaptable systems, vital for packaging suppliers operating in today’s disrupted global economy.

Whether because of supply chain issues, timeline constraints (brands wanting things faster, quicker!), risk factors or even moral or ethical considerations, a lot of our clients want to manufacture closer to home so we’ve had to offer solutions catering to these requirements.

Fortunately, we anticipated those needs prior to the pandemic, enabling us to be ‘ahead the curve’ when it comes to refining and personalising our offerings for our clients and delivering workable solutions.

Whilst our Asian manufacturing operations and supply base (with their deep-rooted expertise) remain key to our ability to produce quality products on time and on budget; having a network of strategically positioned suppliers is something we’re constantly exploring in order to improve efficiency and enhance our responsiveness to our clients.

We have therefore established a solid and reliable base of manufacturing partners in Eastern Europe and the more we work with them, the more they, in turn, are incentivised to invest in and modernise their infrastructure to increase their capacities. This has helped to both improve production quality and make them more price-effective for our clients. It’s definitely a ‘win-win’ situation and we look forward to continuing developments on this front.

Lindsay Bonner | Head of Client Services USA

Firstly, and undoubtedly, the pandemic has highlighted the vulnerabilities and fragilities in global supply chains across most, if not all, sectors and industries. As a result of this, I perceive one of the biggest issues brands are now challenged with is the task of strengthening their supply risk management.

There’s therefore been increased emphasis on accelerating or driving greater agility into supply chains to better manage rapidly evolving situations.

Perhaps the most resilient course of all may be teaming up with supply chain partners to establish a coordinated crisis-support system. In such situations, partners will likely rise or fall together. Sharing information, ideas, and response strategies in that climate will be highly valuable. Communication will be key to the success of this.

This brings me to my second point, brand-consumer communication. It is fair to say that COVID hit every state, zip code and business differently and that there is now no one way to communicate to consumers post COVID. Therefore, not only challenged with supply downfalls, brands are also grappling with how to market to the post-pandemic consumer.

Essentially what consumers are buying and how they are shopping has changed dramatically as a result of the pandemic, and these new habits are continuing. In many cases, consumers have used this life pause to reflect on their own consumption. They are striving to shop locally, mindfully and cost-consciously.

These consumers have adopted new shopping behaviours that now place emphasis on convenience, best value which creates a major shift in brand loyalty. Brand communications therefore need to look to become increasingly personalised and based on specific consumer circumstances.

As a global packaging supplier we are tackling these very issues ourselves. We’re constantly seeking ways in which to offer new, improved, sustainable and smarter solutions and alternatives to our pre-pandemic ways of working.

It’s important that we offer future-proof packaging solutions that mitigate risk, relieve long lead times and potentially offer manufacturing options closer to source markets, in some instances.

We also strongly believe in creating genuine partnerships with the clients we work so closely with and will continue to pursue this collaborative approach going forward. It’s also important that we invest in working on multi-source options, take on a more strategic approach to inventory management and continue to be a partner that can offer multiple solutions (design, material, logistical etc), to support and mitigate risk for brand owners.



Each month we ask our “Perspectives” features a few questions to provide you with a little more context and insight into their job roles as well as themselves.


I was brought into IPL to open up new sectors of the luxury market for the company. That remains my main focus…establishing new relationships with clients in industries such as watches & jewellery, fragrance, fashion & footwear, etc. I also look after IPL’s numismatics portfolio and, being fluent in French, work with many of our clients in Europe.

Oh, within IPL, I am arguably the CRM geek – so the ‘go-to’ guy for the rest of the sales team!

Typically, I wake up earlier than the rest of the house so I usually take that moment of quiet time to answer any critical, overnight work emails that require my immediate attention.

Then, like most parents of teenage children, it’s the daily challenge of getting them up, dressed, fed and out the door, off to school on time. Finally, a cup of coffee and a quick catch up on the day’s news headlines, before heading over to the office to continue my day.

The office. It’s my sanctuary, allowing for 100% focus and productivity. That said, having the flexibility to work from home can be an invaluable benefit. Sometimes, with a change of scenery, the odd day here or there can breathe new life into my positive thinking and boost the energy required to go after a load of potential new clients.

Playing the guitar. I’ve picked one up a few times, but only ever learned a few chords. I never seem to have the time to devote enough attention to it. Maybe when I’m old and grey, I can be the cool grandad sitting on the porch, murdering a few tunes while serenading my long-suffering, darling wife!

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I oversee US Operations and Client Management. Essentially, I have a hand in every aspect of the US business workflow and operation management.

I wake around 5:45, make my kids breakfast and have a big cup of coffee! I then take the dog for a walk and then head to the gym. After all my ‘me time’ boxes are checked, I head to the office and start my work day!

Definitely the office! I enjoy getting to see my co-workers and I’m a lot more productive surrounded by people and activity.

To speak a second language – specifically Spanish.

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